San Quentin State Prison Being Transformed – NBC Bay Area

San Quentin State Prison Being Transformed – NBC Bay Area

San Quentin State Prison, located in California’s Marin County, is in the midst of a dramatic transformation. The penitentiary, which has at times been among the most notorious in the country, is beginning to take on a new face.

The transformation underway is being driven by a series of initiatives that have been implemented in recent years by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). These initiatives have included a variety of educational and vocational programs, as well as the introduction of a number of therapeutic and rehabilitative services.

The initiatives at San Quentin have been designed to help inmates improve their lives and increase their chances of successful re-entry into society upon release. The programs range from classes in topics such as parenting and anger management, to job training in areas such as welding and cabinet-making. In addition, the prison has begun offering a range of therapeutic services to inmates, including yoga and meditation.

The CDCR has also made a number of capital improvements to the facility, including the construction of a new medical facility and a recreation center. The facility has also implemented a range of technological upgrades, including the installation of new surveillance and communications systems.

The transformation of San Quentin State Prison is a sign of the changing approach to criminal justice in the state. As the CDCR continues to implement its initiatives, the hope is that San Quentin will continue to move away from its past and become a model for prison reform.

This article was written by John Smith for NBC Bay Area.