Sandro Cortese: Real Estate, ServusTV, Yamaha & Kiefer / Superbike World Championship

Sandro Cortese: Real Estate, ServusTV, Yamaha & Kiefer / Superbike World Championship

On April 3, 2022, Sandro Cortese announced his retirement after 16 seasons as a professional race driver. Over the years, the 32-year-old Swabian has created various academic pillars.

Every race driver is faced with the question of what to do after their job – very few have so much money that they no longer work.

Sandro Cortese announced his retirement in early April 2022, but the two-time world champion (Moto3 and Supersport) is still associated with the race in several places. Swabian has been working for ServusTV since 2021 as a broadcaster of the Superbike World Championships; many fans would like to see him more often as a reporter on the way to the pit, as in the Aragon opener. As an ambassador for Yamaha Europe, he is involved in developing their young talents. This season Sandro also works closely with the IDM Kiefer Racing team.

His area of ​​responsibility in the Gutmann Group has little to do with motor racing; Cortese has been working for a real estate company from Kempten in Allgäu since April 1, 2022. “I have always been involved in real estate during my GP career,” said the 32-year-old magazine. ” I have always invested in the future because my racing career will end sometime.The Kuhn Hallenbau Company supported me as a sponsor until my last day as a race driver, advised me for many years and informed me of real estate history.In Moto2, Supersport and Superbike I also had the Gutmann Group as a sponsor, they even gave me a moment that I could start with after my work.The goal is to connect my addresses from the motorcycle area with those of the group, thus bringing together people looking for capital investment in real estate. commercial.

Cortese grew up a professional race driver after graduating from high school, and now he is training hard to prepare for a new job. “My work at ServusTV and Yamaha could not be linked to discipleship,” explained the American car fan. “But there are also, for example, three-month training courses that you can do in the evenings during the week. Or online courses. It is very important for me to remain faithful to motorsport. I really enjoy working as a ServusTV expert. Also the IDM team together and Yamaha and Jochen Kiefer. There are a lot of jobs that come together and can’t be linked to discipleship.

Cortese has also replaced the brand ambassador of his long-term sponsor Liqui Moly and wore the Ulm company logo on his chest while working for ServusTV.

“We’ve been working together at Intact in the Moto2 class since 2013, I have to say more thank you for that,” said the man from Illerbachen near Berkheim. “After Moto2 they helped me get into the Supersport World Championships at Vesa Kallio and then also supported me in the Superbikes at GRT Yamaha and Pedercini Kawasaki. It doesn’t seem like the sponsor has been helping you for eight seasons.”

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