Sanremo 2023, Achille Lauro, New Guest For Festival Announced by Amadeus

Sanremo 2023, Achille Lauro, New Guest For Festival Announced by Amadeus

The Sanremo Festival 2023 draws nigh, and as we near its final stages, the maestros and the crème de la crème of performers are poised to grace the 73rd edition of the illustrious Italian song.

From February 7th to the 11th, the doors of the Ariston theater shall open wide, and a symphony of sounds that promises to be music to the ears of the world shall fill the air.

Anticipation mounts with the much-awaited appearance of the influencer extraordinaire, Chiara Ferragni, who shall grace the first and final evenings with her presence. Joining her on stage are the legendary Gianni Morandi, the celebrated Albano, and two volleyball champions, Paola Egonu and Clare Francini, serving up a harmonious melody that shall resonate with the audience.

In addition, exciting announcements have been made regarding the illustrious guests who shall grace the stage of the Festival. On the evening of Wednesday, February 7th, the electrifying Black Eyed Peas shall take the stage by storm.

The mastermind behind the Festival’s artistic direction, Amadeus, recently dropped another bombshell during the broadcast of Fiorello Viva Rai2, leaving the audience breathless with anticipation for what other surprises are in store.

Achille Lauro torna a Sanremo senza costumi di scena: ora veste di rosso e  indossa i guanti

Furthermore to the announcement of the incomparable trilogy, composed by the eminent Gianni Morandi, Al Bano, and Massimo Ranieri, the announcement of the conglomeration of the Poohs for the inaugural evening of the Sanremo Festival 2023 has materialized.

However, the astonishment does not terminate here. Amadeus, the grand conductor, continues to astound the masses, and this morning he inaugurated Sanremo’s Tiktok account proclaiming new guests, including the illustrious Achille Lauro.

Let us collectively explore the maestro’s selection for the outdoor stage of the Festival.

Behold, Sanremo 2023, presenting Achille Lauro, the novel guest of the Festival, publicized by Amadeus.

The Sanremo Festival Machine of 2023 has initiated its journey at full throttle. This year, there are countless novelties, including the addition of various new venues. Apart from the customary Ariston theatre stage, there are two additional musical venues, one of which is a cruise ship, the Costa Smeralda, recognized as “step three,” situated within Columbus Square.

Unexpectedly, the official TikTok profile of the Sanremo Festival emerged, wherein the conductor published the first video. He humorously stated that Gianni Morandi and his spouse are more sociable than he is and announced the names of the performers who will grace the Piazza Colombo from 7th to 11th February, namely Piero Pelu, Francesco Renga and Nek, Achilles Lauro, Annalisa, and List Representative.

But, who is the young and exceptional artist Achille Lauro?

Achille Lauro has previously shared the Sanremo Festival stage and was the first trapper to perform at Sanremo.

Post his appearance at the event, he became an experimental prototype in modern music, as well as a style icon.

Hailing from the illustrious city of Verona on the auspicious day of 11 July 1990, the illustrious Lauro De Marinis – known to the world as Achilles Lauro – did not have the fortune of a facile childhood, despite his father’s position as a judge.

It was his elder sibling who initiated him into the music world as a producer of the esteemed Workers Block Four. Here, he ventured into the realm of underground hip-hop and was introduced to the Roman punk scene.

Italy: Results from Night 3 of Sanremo 2023

The adoption of his stage name was not an arbitrary decision, as his first name, Achille, was reminiscent of the eminent Neapolitan shipowner, Achille Lauro, with whom he was linked in his childhood days.

Achilles’s affiliation with the renowned Noyz Narcos paved the way for his foray into Roccia Music – the label steered by the illustrious Shablo and Marracash.

Achilles Lauro – His Vocatio

The unparalleled maestro, handpicked by Amadeus to grace the esteemed stage of the festival, released his debut album, Achille Idol Immortal, in the year of 2014. The album, singular in its composition, was a culmination of songs that concluded with the recitation of a repeated gospel verse.

Shortly after, he followed it up with the album, God is There, which catapulted him to the zenith of success. Departing from Roccia Music, Achilles founded No Face.

The third album, So Ragazzi’s Third Madre, was the harbinger of his prodigious talent.

It was followed by the monumental track Thoiry RMX, which unleashed the phenomenon of ‘samba trap’, and eventually, the highly acclaimed album, Pour l’amour, that amalgamated diverse musical influences and became an instant sensation.

The Sanremo Festival of the 69th edition, where he presented his sensational number, Rolls-Royce, witnessed a remarkable performance and garnered immense public approval, propelling his new album, 1969, to unfathomable heights.

Post-summer, he launched the album, 1990 – a breathtaking ode to the iconic 90s dance style. In 2020, he returned to Sanremo with his beguiling number, I Don’t Care, where he was smitten by the inimitable Boss Doms.

In 2021, he made a triumphant comeback to Sanremo as a painter, presenting his prodigious paintings in five evenings as a revered guest.

Achille Lauro, this is his personal life

Indeed, naught is discerned with respect to the intimate existence of Achille Lauro. Reportedly, the gentleman is enraptured by a resplendent damsel, denominated as Francesca.

Solely in a colloquy with Domenica, did he sometimes acknowledge his ardent passion?

“My betrothal has persisted for several cycles. Eros is the impetus for myriad accomplishments, it bequeaths inspiration. The eminent bards of antiquity doth impart such wisdom.”