Say goodbye to winter and hello to spring

Say goodbye to winter and hello to spring

Bid farewell to the chill of winter and welcome the refreshing start of spring. With the end of the coldest season, many anticipate the start of a new one, as the milder weather begins. Although temperatures remain low and snowfall is still possible, signs of the new season are apparent. From the budding of flowers to the crooning of birds, nature offers a bounty of beauty as the days grow longer.

The meteorological start of spring varies by year, as the period is determined by the annual equinox. Generally, the equinox occurs around March 20th for the Northern Hemisphere, and heralds the beginning of the season. This astronomical event signifies when the sun passes directly over the equator, providing equal amounts of day and night.

The shift in season is accompanied by a transformation in the atmosphere. The days become warmer as the sun’s rays linger longer, allowing the sun to heat the earth’s surface. Additionally, the sunlight passes through the atmosphere at a lower angle, making the air warmer than during wintertime. This gradual increase in temperature also brings an influx of blooming flowers, as plants and trees receive the necessary energy to start their growth cycle.

The change in climate also ushers in a host of new activities, such as gardening and fishing. With the warmer weather, the soil’s temperature rises and is optimal for planting. The environment is also hospitable to wildlife, which can be seen searching for food or nesting.

As we move into spring, the days become lighter and the weather more temperate. We are able to enjoy the outdoors in more enjoyable conditions, and are able to take part in activities that were inaccessible during the colder months. So, as the days get longer and the air crisper, let us say goodbye to winter and welcome the start of a new season.