SC Poppenbüttel – FK Nikola Tesla – From 0: 2 to 3: 2: Tesla rejoices in the “Bülte” – Poppenbüttel feud!

SC Poppenbüttel – FK Nikola Tesla – From 0: 2 to 3: 2: Tesla rejoices in the “Bülte” – Poppenbüttel feud!

Hammonia National League

Cheers after Ezequiel Bautista Barbera (Wed., ball in hand) equalized and made things 2-2. Photo:

“The last five minutes were busy again. But that’s part of it – that’s football. We’ve finished 90 minutes! Three points, one win – fantastic!” Hesham Hassan and his FK Nikola Tesla were very happy right after the final whistle. “Nikola Tesla rules here,” they cheered in the team circle after the 3-2 win against SC Poppenbüttel.

The red card against Marc-Lennard Uhlhorn (Mid.), who brought down Bautista Barbera, broke Poppenbüttel’s neck. Photo:

“After a defeat like this, I have to play myself,” SCP captain Stefan Winkel answered the questions. The conclusion was amazing: “Indeed, it is very painful that we left it!” Because: The hosts came “very well”, played “good scenes in front” and quickly rewarded themselves. Winkel himself improved the pass from Finn Thele, where he let two opponents into the void – 1: 0 (15)!

As a result, Max Selch missed a free stop, but he did better before the break. Mert Özel dropped the opponent and served to young Khan Mozafari, who immediately passed it to Selch. This time his qualities were the same – 2:0 (39th)! Although the men from Bültenkupplung had to “completely throw things away compared to a few weeks ago because many were absent due to illness and injury or suspension”, things went according to plan.

“The luck of the game was against us”

Winning goal for the visitors: Terje Scheffel (Wednesday) scored in a 3:2 win for Nikola Tesla. Photo:

But: Less than 120 seconds after Poppenbüttel’s second goal and before the tea break, Luis Honig narrowed the gap and blew Tesla’s catch (41st)! “It was absolutely unnecessary. That shouldn’t have happened to us and we should have made it to the break,” argued Winkel, who had to say: “After that, the luck of the game was against us!”

Also against “Capitano” himself. He headed to Tesla’s house without a hitch. “I don’t know why I don’t end there,” he admitted – and hit the hook instead. Pressed by three opponents, the promising situation was history. Even more. “On a direct return, it’s 2: 2,” said the 32-year-old player on the attack against the Tesla scorer Ezequiel Bautista Barbara completed (the 50th)!

Uhlhorn jumps – Scheffel gets the win

A post-game victory photo was a must. Photo:

And it got worse. Marc-Lennard Uhlhorn was the last man to stop the counterattack – straight red (67th)! “Even when we were outnumbered, we still had quality chances that we missed,” Winkel said. Instead of 3:2 it was suddenly 2:3 when Terje Scheffel finally missed the elimination at SCP and allowed his Tesla team to celebrate (81st)! “Of course it’s painful! We expected a tough game – and it was. They play very good football. However, if you’re 2-0 up, then you have to take it home. Unfortunately we couldn’t do that again. However, of course we won’t put our heads in the sand, but we will continue to be in a good position as a promoted team,” Winkel said, looking ahead to the coming weeks with important games against Niendorf II and HR.