Scott Redding (BMW) with a special design “50 Years of M” / World Superbike Tournament

Scott Redding (BMW) with a special design “50 Years of M” / World Superbike Tournament

In the first race of the Superbike World Championships in Estoril, even a careful spectator had to look twice to see Scott Redding. A man with a starting number 45 tried the BMW M1000RR in the “Sao Paulo Yellow”.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the birth of BMW M GmbH, which was founded in 1972 as BMW Motorsport GmbH, BMW Motorrad presents the M1000RR as a MRR 50 Years M celebration style in Sao Paulo Yellow and with the 50th anniversary of BMW M. To To mark this, there was a celebration in the hospitality area and a birthday cake as part of the Superbike World Championships in Estoril.

Working BMW driver Scott Redding competes with the race in Portugal for a special yellow design, which only a few on the paddock describe as successful.

For M colors, the commemorative style lives up to M’s philosophy and race from nearly 100 years of motorcycle construction by BMW Motorrad and 50 years of BMW M. Competition package M set as standard at M RR 50 Years M. In addition to the large M-component package and the unique M carbon package, the standard equipment also includes a lightweight swingarm in an anodized silver aluminum, M GPS lap trigger code and M Endurance chain, pillion package and pillion seat cover.

Special M equipment and M performance parts of motorcycles have been available since the end of 2018. In short BMW M1000RR – M RR – the first M model from BMW Motorrad based on S1000RR finally celebrated its first world show in September 2020.

In the BMW, M is a synonym for success in racing and attracting high performance structures and targets customers with extremely high performance, uniqueness and individuality. Last but not least, the BMW M RR has also been the primary model used in the Superbike World Championships since 2021.

BMW Motorsport GmbH was founded in 1972 with the idea of ​​integrating all of BMW’s motorcycle operations under one roof and developing high-speed racing cars and race engines for sports competitions.

The BMW 3.0 CSL debuted for the first time in the 1973 European Vehicle Race, and despite appearing to draw with the race team in three colors BMW Motorsport blue, purple and red on a snow-white base that left its mark on this. day. To date, this color scheme in the updated version of blue, dark blue, red determines the appearance of the BMW M logo and BMW M. cars.

The color scheme can be found in the first BMW M road-built cars in the second half of the 1970s as well as the shape of future race cars and their motorcycle success. Around 1978 a big sports car M1 and from 1980 onwards Formula 1 race cars that Nelson Piquet became a Formula 1 World Championship in 1983.

Of course, BMW achieved sporting success before 1972. The legendary victory of Schorsch Meier and his compressor BMW at the 1939 Tourist Trophy in the Isle of Man is unforgettable. And in 1976, 37 years later, Helmut Dähne and Hans Otto Butenuth celebrated fifth place in Production-TT. In this class up to 1000 cc volume, they set the fastest time with their BMW R90S, but due to disability law they are listed in 5th place behind two 250cc and 500cc two machines. 75 years after Schorsch Meier’s success in Senior TT, Michael Dunlop did so again in 2014 on the BMW S1000RR.

But BMW M colors can also be found on BMW motorcycles from a hit song. For example the BMW GS bike performs the functions that Hubert Auriol and Gaston Rahier dominated the Paris-Dakar race in the early 1980s.

Like no other BMW motorcycle so far, the M RR 50 M anniversary model carries this historic motorcycle DNA. This exclusive car can only be ordered between May 21 and November 30, 2022. BMW has not yet offered a price.