Seat Leon ST Cupra 370 Carbon – sports center car after modification

Seat Leon ST Cupra 370 Carbon – sports center car after modification

For a basic Leon ST Cupra with a 300-horsepower TSI you have to pay a minimum of PLN 165,600 in the Kiti showroom. In the test, we will see what the customer who spends PLN 43,700 extra on the purchase of the 370 Carbon version will receive.

Of course it will be unique. It happens, for example, from a limited edition, as the Spanish manufacturer will offer only 300 versions of the Carbon to customers, of which only 13 will be delivered to Poland (5 more cars were available in the country at the end of February). They are also supposed to encourage the purchase and look sportier with rich materials. The model features: 19-inch black and silver alloy wheels, reinforced Brembo system (large discs, performance pads), full LED lighting package (full LED exterior lighting), acoustic exhaust and tailpipe aesthetic four with carbon fiber. elements. The interior features Cupra bucket seats and LED headlights.

Seat Leon ST Cupra – ABT computer under the hood

But what’s under the hood is more important. Power increased by 70 hp was achieved thanks to the modification made with the use of an additional computer from ABT. Not a popular box, but a high-end computer with its own processor. It is a functional unit that, thanks to the connection to the CAN information bus, allows continuous monitoring of all engine operating parameters and their continuous adjustment to the current operating conditions.

Photo: Auto Świat

Engine characteristics and performance (tests carried out on 100 Oct. Mafuta and Pachura Moto Center)

This computer is installed without interfering with the original wiring of the car, there is no need to cut the wires, etc., which also allows easy disassembly, for example for the examination of the car in factory settings, and does not affect the limitation of the warranty condition. The cost of engine repair (computer, assembly, dynamometer tests) is PLN 12,800 and can be done by an ABT representative in Poland.

Seat Leon ST Cupra – top speed 267 km / h

And what are the benefits of modifying the client? The power of the engine increases by 72.5 hp (measured by the tuner on 100 oct. Oil) and the maximum torque has increased by 80 Nm. As a result, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is shortened by 0.5 seconds (after adjustment: 4.5 seconds) and in the range up to 200 km / h – by 3.5 seconds (16.2 seconds). The engine responds willingly to gas throughout the rev range, and heavy loading is accompanied by a clean exhaust sound. It is moderate enough that it will not tire the passengers when we want to use a family station wagon for daily driving or during vacation trips.

direction diagram

Photo: Auto Świat

direction diagram

Thanks to the drive on both axles, the reinforced Cupra has no problems with traction, which on the one hand makes it easier to use high power safely, and on the other hand – it takes some of the aggression expected from a sports car.

Seat Leon ST Cupra – glued to asphalt

The standard chassis of the Leon ST Cupra also handles the high power. With variable shock absorbers and progressive steering, it perfectly grips the road and brings joy when driving at speed on trails and on public roads. It is more rigid than used in models with weaker engines, but in Comfort mode it provides a respectable level of suspension, despite the 19-inch wheels. As part of the modifications offered by ABT, you can order a set of stiffeners and alloy wheels of 20 inches.

Seat Leon ST Cupra – in my opinion

The Leon Estate 370 Carbon is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Despite the stylistic additions, the car is unobtrusive, and the performance (0-100 km / h in 4.5 seconds) can put many real sports cars to shame. The Carbon version turns out to be quite expensive, but you can reduce the cost by simply modifying the engine.

Seat Leon ST Cupra – we love it

  1. Excellent throttle response throughout the RPM range,
  2. model attraction,
  3. high performance,
  4. good driving comfort.

Seat Leon ST Cupra – we don’t like it

  1. purchase price,
  2. high risk of damage to wheels and low-profile tires,
  3. operating system with neutral features.

Seat Leon ST Cupra – specifications

Engine: type / cylinder / valves mp. benz./R4/16
Engine layout transverse to the front
Strong direct injection
Displacement (cm3) 1984
Power (hp/rpm) 372/6320
Max. Rev. (Nm/rpm) 464/4625
Gearbox / car or. 2-clutch 6 / 4×4
Brakes (front/rear) tw / vol
Tested car tires 235/35 R 19
Own weight (kg) 1545
Load capacity (kg) 494
Trunk capacity (l) 587-1470
Fuel tank capacity (l) 50

Seat Leon ST Cupra – performance (manufacturer’s data)

Top speed (measurement from tuning company) 267 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h 4.5 seconds
Average fuel consumption 7.2 l / 100 km (98 oct.)
Co2 production 164 g/km
Theoretical frequency 690 kilometers
Min. to turn the circle 10.3 m

Seat Leon ST Cupra – accessories

Version Cupra 370 Carbon
7 airbags / electric. different locks. S/S
Cupra bucket seats in alcant. S.
Adaptive Suspension S.
Assistant way, or. St. road 999 PLN (P)
Fix it. cruise control, avoid. collisions PLN 1,536.00
Car air conditioning / reversing camera S / 1045 PLN
Navigation / Virtual Cockpit S/S
Parking sensors front and rear 999 PLN (P)
BeatsAudio with 340 W power 999 PLN (P)
Highlights, St. anti fog LED S.
Metallic color / 19 inch. alloy wheels S/S

Seat Leon ST Cupra – warranty / price

Base price trial version PLN 209 300
Mechanical warranty 5 years (150,000 km)
A puncture bond 12 years
Inspection as displayed by the computer
Price of tested unit PLN 220,775