Sebastian Vettel before leaving Formula 1?  The race track is impressive with the IndyCar series

Sebastian Vettel before leaving Formula 1? The race track is impressive with the IndyCar series

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Yes: Marcus Gable

Je! his future in the USA? Sebastian Vettel could open the door for his words in Miami. © Jared C. Tilton / afp

For Sebastian Vettel, Formula 1 is currently not subject to entertainment tax. Not just because of his Aston Martin. Je! will the intention shown in Miami be fulfilled?

Munich – The formula 1 it goes full steam now. Four back-to-back races are scheduled for the running cycle until the end of July, i.e., two Grands Prix in a row within seven days. Indeed, the peak of motor racing is expanding, with 23 World Championships calendar to the end of Russia because of the war in Ukraine as more societies than ever before.

Drivers and teams do not have much time when every third weekend is free. Especially for the first F1 show recently in Miami, new retailers wanted to offer their products even more exciting. The festival is great. It’s about image and emotion. On part-time courses. Motor games sometimes slow down.

Vettel in Formula 1: Aston Martin Driver has dreams of running on American Road

Sebastian Vettelat the age of 34 one of the veterans in the driving profession, was able to do just that Course near the NFL Miami Dolphins team stadium because you don’t get much. Not surprisingly: the song did not give any chance to pass. The run-off areas were once again depleted, security vehicle– Phases after accidents are planned in advance. Anything but a clean race.

The four-time world champion also announced during his stay under the Florida sun that he would prefer to climb on conventional trails. For example, Heppenheimer named Road America in Lake Elkhart, located in the northern United States near Lake Michigan. A circuit opened in 1955 that skillfully combines quick and slow corners as well as long straight ones.

Vettel on Road America: The IndyCar driver gives a test – dad and car racing master responds

Vettel’s wishes were by no means taken into account. Because blogger Matt Archuleta, who is well-connected in the US IndyCar Series race series, took the statement. His tweet became a tribute to Graham Rahal, who has been driving in the IndyCar Series since 2008. He wrote: “I will double and say, Seb, if you want to try IndyCar on Road America, we will succeed. It would be an honor to have you in our car.”

But not only that, because the 33-year-old also brought his father Bobby Rahal to play. He is a US racing legend, having won three IndyCar titles and won the prestigious Indy500 in 1986. The 69-year-old has long been co-owner of the Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing team. In Vettel’s direction he wrote: “Seb, if you want, we have a plan.” That was a new gesture to Graham Rahal, who tweeted: “Oh boy, Bob has spoken. Let’s get started.”

Video: Vettel and Schumacher comment on the Miami crash

Vettel test at IndyCar? Hulkenberg was allowed in 2021 and then canceled

When asked about this positive response, Vettel made a clear choice: “I have to watch. But it’s a good song, so let’s see.” Hesses living in Switzerland you must still be patient. Because Bobby Rahal said “We have no choice at the moment, but why?” To him “there is no better place than Road America to present IndyCar and you cannot present Road America better than in IndyCar”.

Meanwhile, Bobby Rahal wonders if a successful Form 1 driver could switch to IndyCar Series. Although many race drivers have already taken this route, there have been no world champions for a long time. Just last year Nico HulkenbergAston Martin’s reserve driver and stood for Vettel twice at the start of the season, despite a test of success he rejected the future in the United States.

Vettel’s change in the IndyCar Series as an option? Rahal brings an extra car to play

Bobby Rahal at least insisted: “Vettel is in his mid-30s, so he still has many years to try other forms of racing.” At the same time, he issued a red carpet: “But if the opportunity arises, someone like Seb for a few races in an extra car, we will no doubt consider that.

Apparently Vettel would have to respond only to progress. After all, he recently let it shine that the current performance of his car in System 1 does not make him at all happy. Four points are in his account after three races, in builder estimates Aston Martin ranks tenth out of eleven teams. It seems to be true that the traditional brand running team is down new code he stepped back.

Sebastian Vettel is wearing a hat on his head
Appearance says more than a thousand words: Sebastian Vettel looks disappointed. © Hasan Bratic / dpa

Vettel about his future: “I’m not here to finish out of the top 10”

In conversation with Agence France Press (afp) He said ahead of Miami’s disappointing weekend about ending his career: “I have not yet made a decision about my future, but I am disappointed because I was running ahead and I know that’s a good thing.” And about it To make it more clear: “I did not care when I started, but finishing out of the top 10 is not something I am here for. I want to win. “

Just running back, regardless of the characteristics of the song, certainly does not like the former champion of the series who, after a mixed year of 2021, chose to start anew under a new umbrella. Just at the Grand Prix in Imola he had Vettel inside ARD he explained: “Of course it must be clear that things are going in the right direction. It should be seen that the car continues to improve and I also see the team moving forward. “

Vettel has returned to the United States: System 1 will be in Texas in October

His contract with Aston-Martin ended after this season. It already exists Rumors that Fernando Alonso could be replaced by another former world champion – even if the Spaniard is together now Alpine has a better prospect of points, but could allow young Oscar Piastri to take the lead there from 2023. Vettel then would probably miss out on options in the Prime Minister’s class. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well.

Even if the test on time is difficult – due to the busy racing calendar. After all: At the end of October, System 1 will return to the United States. This time in Austin, Texas, on The American Circle. It’s the start of a series of weekends. (mg)

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