Second hand: Pagani Huayra with 38 km for sale in Holland

Second hand: Pagani Huayra with 38 km for sale in Holland

It is and remains one of the most brutal hypercars of recent years: the Pagani Huayra. After the amazing Zonda inspired by the Le-Mans race, everyone was looking forward to Horacio Pagani’s next masterpiece in 2012.

And it did not disappoint. The loss of the naturally aspirated AMG V12 was due to the roar and hiss of a six-liter twin turbo with 730 hp and a terrifying torque of 1000 m. 383 kilometers per hour.


As with the Zonda, production of the Huayra was very limited. Only 100 copies of the original model were delivered between 2012 and 2018. Despite the price of at least 1.4 million dollars, the car was ready for sale in February 2015. Pagani immediately continued with the Roadster, the monitor attention BC and special series, like Zonda. Only the Roadster BC is currently in production.


Seven years after the first Huayra rolled on the road, we suddenly found a very young used copy in Bloeendaal. Bloeendaal Classics & Sportscars. It is Grigio Clemente-it was painted dates from 2015 and was delivered to Pagani Germany at that time. Later, the car ended up in a collection. As a result, the Huayra was not taken out of the period. The odometer shows only 38 kilometers.

At that time, the owner killed the Pagani with various bare carbon parts, including the roof, rear bumper, side skirts and flaps of active aerodynamics. Inside we find eye catching Ceramic / Vermiglio leather interior, a material that appears in bespoke leather clothing and luggage. Additionally, a reversing camera, parking sensors, mid-sized seats and red brake calipers are featured on the options list.

The cost?

They don’t want to say at Bloemendaal Classics & Sportscars what the exclusive Italian race has to offer. With the usual amount between 1.4 and 4 million euros for other young people who used Huayras, that is not surprising. If you have a way to take Pagani, you have to be quick. Collectors from Spain and America were lurking even before the ad was uploaded.