Servicing the car at an authorized service center pays.  The older the car, the bigger the discount!

Servicing the car at an authorized service center pays. The older the car, the bigger the discount!

Services from inspections and applications

Volvo recommends servicing once a year to make sure everything is working properly and to update the electronic system. Updating the software ensures optimal performance of the vehicle’s systems and maintains the value of the vehicle at the highest possible level. In Authorized Services only, software updates are offered at a review price.

Before the end of the first year, it is a good idea to have a personal and attractive service contract that is effective and takes the worry out of your head. It is also time to increase your insurance.

Before the second year of Volvo’s use has passed, it is worth thinking about extending the car’s warranty. On the website you can too pexpanding the Volvo Cars Program. Thanks to this service, the user can control the car remotely – min. control your air conditioner by turning the controller on/off and setting the timer for preheating and cooling.

The Volvo Cars application is also quick assistance on the road, to deal with emergency situations, as well as car theft. It allows you to lock and unlock your phone and provides a high level of security. In hybrid and electric models, the app also allows you to monitor charging levels and energy consumption.

Using the app, you can make an appointment for another service visit, during which Volvo will extend the price of the service.

A new look for your Volvo

Electronic systems allow you to customize the car. You don’t have to decide on this offer blindly. With ASO you can get free access to Polestar services for 14 days.

Thanks to that, the car will increase the performance in 6 important areas of the engine and the operation of the car system. This ensures new driving dynamics and more economical use of the vehicle. Software upgrades by Polestar address 6 key areas to increase driving pleasure and take the driving experience to a whole new level.

Polestar makes the throttle response faster (accelerating the car’s acceleration), the throttle response is also short, the gear changes also happen faster, and the lower gears are kept longer during acceleration. In addition, the performance of the engine increases, the characteristics of the torque distribution in the AWD car are also different.

The package was developed by the Polestar department, whose goal is to give Volvo models a sporty flair. It will take an authorized Volvo dealer less than an hour to install such a package, and cars equipped with this equipment are sought after and valued in the aftermarket.

For young and old

Volvo recommends it perform a comprehensive inspection after 35 months of driving. It includes the extension of the Volvo Cars program for another year and a software update.

Each Volvo is only relevant to the manufacturer and its service network. The brand has prepared a special offer for owners of cars older than 4 years. It’s about maintenance services, the prices of which are lower and lower every year, thanks to discounts in Volvo Sales for parts and work. Therefore, the older the car, the higher the discount. It can turn out that the price reduction can reach 25% for selected spare parts and even 50% for services!

Remember that parts used in ASO are covered by a lifetime warrantywhich covers defects in materials and assembly for replaced parts throughout the period that the customer continues to own the vehicle. Volvo states that the warranty does not apply to accessories, wearable and consumable parts, as well as parts that require replacement for external reasons.