seven Italian paintings in the list of the most beautiful in the world

seven Italian paintings in the list of the most beautiful in the world

The app compiles a list of 100 “Best Street Art Awards 2022” images.
You have until January 31st to vote to choose the best one

There street arts change our cities.
Made with spray cans and rollers, stencil art, artistic stickers, video projections and sculptures, color urban areas turning them into real open museums.
It happens all over the world, where there are more and more paintings that attract with their beauty.
And today they contribute”Best Street Art Awards 2022”, a contest that will decide the winner.
The Street Art Cities Forum has he chose the hundred best works among them seven have been done in our country.
Now it will be up to the “celebrity judges” to choose between these to decide the winner.
through toprogram Street Art Cities to download or directly from the site, it is possible to vote by January 31 the best work of Steet Art among 100 selected in ninety two The city of 30 countries of the world.
Among the canvases painted with roller paint and sprays of Buenos Aires, Tilburg and Le Mans there are also drawings of Adriain Veneto, of Mantuain Lombardy, of Cephalus And Palermoin Sicily, of San Pietro Magisanoin Calabria, of Tarentumin Puglia and of Urasin Sardinia.

“Think again”, a Venetian mural dedicated to uniqueness and diversity

The work at hand is Vera Bugatti Adriain the state of I rovigo.
In the composition “Reflection” two female figures stand in a narrow space. It’s in the middle the girl holding the mirror and the eyes turned to the time observer in front of the little girl and an old scarf look at the mirror and its reflections holding an apple and a melon in his hand.
Work, which can be interested in Borgo XXV Julyon the big one the interior facade of the Ater condominium was created from the traveling DeltArte Festival, curated by Melania Ruggini. The artist created it in about ten days and Iranian women’s dedication and couragebut also to the men who support them.

Description of the work of Vera Bugatti

Two figures in a large mural may be the same person, at two stages of life. There the key to reading the work is in the mirrorreflect, answer questions.

Who do we really see? through various and many reflective screens? ifappearance continues to be slavery, especially female, what is left to us uniqueness? After all, meditation has many meanings. It is to postpone the light or even to be a result or an effect but at the same time to continue, to turn the thoughts about something and reconsider it carefully. The fruits in the hands of the youngest is compensation symbol And destruction but also I remember times of economic hardship and commitment marked the workplace.

Vera Bugatti Street Art

Vera Bugatti is a Street Artist born in Brescia in 1979 who since 2008 has started an artistic journey that has manifested itself in different styles. Among his achievements are found graphics, works on roads and streets, on canvas and machinery to use various materials, from the most classic to chalk, nails, wire and mirrors. From the works done on large scale to small scale all are connected perspective gamesthe use of very bright and different colors and lessons that appear from dreams. Its functions are basic‘like a dream and surreal.

Vera Bugatti at work creating her work in Adria

“It takes years to fully accept our uniqueness as a resource – explains Vera Bugatti -. In some respects diversity does not preclude similarity but often one escapes from the first element to settle in a comfortable and illusory zone that poses little risk. Cultural attachment and difficulties in finding reference identity structures represent causes of psychological and relational disturbances, especially for young people. The standard distorts and forces one’s naturetimetrue uniqueness makes all-round improvement possible And creates harmony».

Other selected Italian works

The protagonist of the mural and street artist Mauro Patta, in the competition, is also a womanSa Party“, a tribute to the Sardinian village of Uras, in Sardinia.
She is depicted in traditional local dress and her head is covered with an embroidered handkerchief which enhances the profile of her face.

@Mauro Patta

For a few years a porcelain painter at the Richard-Ginori factory in Sesto Fiorentino, Patta today devotes himself entirely to his art, which has made him one of the most sought-after street artists in Italy.

It is the work of the Turinese Vesod Brero, son of the surrealist painter Dovilio Brero, the swan “Psyche”, made in Mantua.

Street art cities @Best of 2022

Brero is widely appreciated around the world for the multidimensional approach of his paintings.
In Taranto stands “Love is stronger than death” by JDL and Trust Project. This is the fourth wall dedicated to the mind of the artist’s father, who died recently.

Street art cities @Best of 2022

In Palermo it was chosen “The girl of the future” was inspired by the song of the same name by singer Cesare Cremonini. A a project dedicated to all young Italians to say that obstacles can be overcome with music.

Street art cities @Best of 2022

In Cefalù, on the other hand, there is “The upper riverand Andrea Buglisi. It is underwater environment it is made on the facade of a small building with shapes and colors reminiscent of the sea.


In Calabria the work of Claudio Chiaravalloti is called “Light in St”, a beautiful little girl looking at her light that we should all find.

Street art cities @Best of 2022

Silvia Bolognini