Severe Weather Alerts – KLKN-TV

Severe Weather Alerts – KLKN-TV

The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Weather Alert for KLKN-TV viewers. Individuals should be mindful of the potential for dangerous conditions, including high winds, hail, and flash flooding.

KLKN-TV meteorologists are tracking a series of storm systems that are expected to move through the region, bringing with them a significant risk of severe weather. The greatest risk for strong storms is expected this afternoon and evening, though some isolated cells could persist through the night.

Viewers should remain alert for the following threats:

High winds: A line of strong storms is expected to move through the area, bringing with them gusts up to 60 mph. This could result in downed trees and power lines, as well as property damage.

Hail: Isolated thunderstorms may produce hail up to 2 inches in diameter. Even smaller hail could cause serious damage to crops and property, so viewers should be aware of the potential for hail.

Flash flooding: Heavy rainfall is expected with some of the storms, which could lead to flooding in low-lying areas. Viewers should be mindful of the risk of flooding, especially in areas known to be prone to flooding.

KLKN-TV meteorologists urge viewers to stay informed about changing weather conditions. Tune into KLKN-TV for the latest information on current and upcoming weather events.