Share Nissan: again and again!  ()

Share Nissan: again and again! ()

For Nissan Motor stock from the “Automakers” section, the price of JPY 537.7 is listed on the Tokyo stock exchange on September 21, 2022, 4:36 pm

We analyzed this stock in 7 points and assigned “Buy”, “Hold” and “Sell” ratings. At the end of the analysis you will get the overall rating results.

1. Emotion and buzz: The long-term perspective of communication on the Internet also makes an important contribution to stock evaluation. For the evaluation, we considered the scale of the discussion, that is, the frequency of the report, and the speed of the change of sentiment. Nissan Motor showed interesting characteristics in this analysis. The strength of the discussion is moderate as a normal activity can be seen. This results in a “Hold” rating. The degree of change in sentiment indicates a change in the negative. Due to this, the editors get a “sell” rating. The bottom line is therefore the “sell” classification.

2. Dividend: Based on the current share price, the dividend yield is 0.93 percent and thus is 5.09 percent below the industry average (sector: automotive, 6.02). The editors therefore give Nissan Motor stock a “sell” rating for this dividend policy. The dividend yield is related to the dividend and the current price of the stock.

3. Fundamentals: With a current price-to-earnings ratio of 14.17, Nissan Motor is below the industry average (15 percent). The “Cars” branch has a value of 16.72. From today’s perspective, the segment is undervalued and receives a “buy” rating based on fundamental criteria.

Buy, hold or sell – your Nissan analysis is up to date 09/22 gives the answer:

How will Nissan grow now? Is entry worth it or should investors sell instead? Find the answers to these questions and why you need to act now in the latest Nissan analysis.