Share Porsche – update from May 1, 2023 (prices now until 28-04-2023)

Share Porsche – update from May 1, 2023 (prices now until 28-04-2023)

Rising prices but no enthusiasm, that’s how the last month could be identified. What difference is that to stocks of Porsche Se, The company Porsche AG and Volkswagen AG.

Let’s take a look GRAPH OF THE DAY of stock Porsche SE then we see the following;

Chart above;

The green line below the RSI chart in the sub-chart above this image connects the high lows. This is in contrast to the lows that appear lower on the price chart in the middle. This difference is positive and is usually a strong signal for a higher price. Unfortunately, this has not been proven in any other way, which most likely refuses to be reliable. The RSI has a value of 40 and the 5-day moving average also seems to be rising again.

Chart in the middle:

All moving averages now again up daily rate. The TO FALL the trend is quite healthy. A bright spot may be the current divergence where the price lows come from the lows of the indicators. So different.

Chart below:

Also on the MACD a bright green line below the last two lows. Perhaps unnecessarily, this emphasizes the difference between prices and indicators.

Business NO against the trend.

Weekly chart Porsche SE (current rate up to 28-04-2023)

Chart above:

RSI, the indicator in the small chart above; it has a current value of 39. It is surprising that the indicator has not risen above the neutral neutral line (value 50) for a long time. Foreign? No, not at all, depending entirely on the continuing downward trend.

The middle piece. The downward trajectory (from May/June 2021) is still the same and more current than ever. Price moves below this trend line. Also, the same price is below the resistance line which from the left drawn on the graph. This is heavy resistance that is not easily broken. In addition, there is a small downward trend (starting October/November 2022) in which the price is higher. The rash of green MA-10 from the daily course not only does not bring good but also means that ALL moving average UP is on the course. There is currently no sign of a change in style. Slowly but surely it is coming at the very bottomeyes again! (€28.28) At the moment, the downstream part of the trend is still supportive.

Chart below. MACD is slowly rising, based on recent price changes. The indicator follows the price trend, but unfortunately, still and especially for a long time in negative territory. The trend is there and will remain drop off.

The new price of Porsche AG.

Just a reminder: Number A to D in the graph below. A. This line connects the previous highs of the daily price and is therefore called a resistance line. B, This line connects below the daily price and is called a support line. C.The horizontal line is the lowest price for Porsche AG stock, known as the lowest. D. The horizontal line is the highest daily price ever reached and we call it an all time high. Moreover, the more points of contact, the more reliable the line.

Daily chart Porsche AG (current rate up to 28-04-2023)

Chart above: The RSI is now in NEGATIVE territory with a value of 41. New on the chart is a descending RED line that highlights consecutive highs and lows. This is the “opposite” of the rising rate. This is called NEGATIVE different and is an indicator of his reliability TO FALL standards. See also previous analysis of the same stock.

The middle piece. A small trip to the top of All Time seems like a great effort. The breakthrough of the MA-30 from the now declining MA-10 creates a SALES SIGN. MA-90, the orange line below the price, is rising, but will probably break. High and low indicators, many differences. The red line through the price of 15-12-2022 and 26-04-2023 is the best time to sell, while the green line through the price of 11-01-2023 is the best time to buy. (this is now a thing of the past…)

Chart below. MACD falls, crosses the neutral line. Success means a sell signal. Lower prices can be expected. NEGATIVE difference here too, see details in RSI text.

WEEKLY CHART of The company Porsche AG (current rate up to 28-04-2023)

Chart above: A small history limits the analysis. Last time I already showed that the RSI had hit above 70. Usually a sell signal. So what happened now.

The middle piece. New maximum price of € 120.– This is the first price target for a new increase if it comes…

Chart below. In addition to the MACD fall, it seems there is nothing to analyze.

The view of parent company Volkswagen.

Daily chart VOLKSWAGEN VZ (current rate up to 28-04-2023)

Chart above: RSI is at 48 and almost in positive territory. Considering the path that has been taken in recent days, it is highly likely that this can be achieved in the short term.

The middle piece. Just like with the stock Porsche, same picture here with mother VW. A fashion trend that has been trending downward for a long time. Here again the small trend channel within the larger trend channel and the daily price is now standing against the resistance line of the small trend channel. Average three out of four maths ABOVE the course. The downward trend is intact and continuing.

Chart below. The MACD is falling, the MACD is rising, and it is returning to negative territory! The shape of the line indicates that the end of the downtrend may be ahead.

Let’s take a look WEEKLY CHART of stock VOLKSWAGEN then we see the following;

Chart above: With only two instances where the price has risen above the neutral 50 level, the RSI has been below the 50 line for a very long time. Completely in line with the declining trend. The current value is 45.

The middle piece. Here, too, the DOWN style is wrong. The bright spot is that the lower end is higher than the last one. All inventory averages can be found ABOVE prices. The downward trend continues slowly. The force of movement becomes less. Investors are still waiting to see if electric operation will be accepted.

Chart below. MACD is falling, MACD is rising slightly, but still in negative territory! And that for a long time, from September 2021!

Yours faithfully,

Luke Verschuren

Technical analyst

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