Sharp criticism of Aston Martin

Sharp criticism of Aston Martin

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Villeneuve is very critical of Aston Martin

The season opener was a disaster for Aston Martin. Both cars exited Q1 on Saturday, with no points scored on Sunday despite a few retirements. This is not surprising for former world champion Jacques Villeneuve.

In his column ‘’ reveals that he did not have high hopes for Sebastian Vettel’s team from the start. “They imitated Mercedes for years,” he recalls of the Racing Point era.

Now it’s as if “they no longer knew how to build a car,” says Villeneuve, who explains: “Your car doesn’t look good. To be at the front, you need more than passion and money. Formula 1 is a special sport.”

“It’s not just about marketing and branding,” he says to team owner Lawrence Stroll. Our editor-in-chief Christian Nimmervoll therefore also wonders if Sebastian Vettel should return at all.

Which indicates that Vettel will not return

“Who slept the worst last night” is now available as a video! After Bahrain, Sebastian Vettel was the one who lost the weekend for us. More Formula 1 videos

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Gasly: ​​The issue from Bahrain has been fixed

The Frenchman reveals after the opener fire: “The team identified the problem. But the fire meant the mechanics had more work to do than expected to put the car back together for this weekend.”

In terms of sports, he adds: “The midfield is probably more difficult than last year. So we must continue to work hard to understand and develop AT03 – starting this weekend in Saudi Arabia.”

Meanwhile, teammate Tsunoda maintains that the car is currently not good enough for P5 in the championship. “My main goal this weekend will be to help develop the car as quickly as possible,” said the Japanese.

The goal is to fight “constantly” over the midfield. But: “At the moment we are not in a position to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves this season,” Tsunoda explains. Can Jeddah step forward?

3:01 at night

Chandhok: It will be a lot of work for Wolff

Speaking of Mercedes: Aeronautical expert Karun Chandhok explains about the two drivers: “I see a lot of similarities with Lewis against Fernando. [Alonso] 2007. And that, as we all know, was installed in McLaren.”

“Toto [Wolff] he knows how it ended,” said Chandhok. He also had a situation with Hamilton and Nico Rosberg at Mercedes himself, “when in the end there were two teams within one team.”

The situation at Mercedes was not good at that time. “So I think Toto will probably have to work hard to control the situation. But it’s very exciting,” said Chandhok, looking forward to the fight.

2:30 at night

Wolff: Russell better than Verstappen

Speaking of Lewis Hamilton: According to Toto Wolff, he is currently the best driver in Formula 1. An assessment that is not particularly surprising, after all, Hamilton and Wolff have won the Constructors’ Championship eight times in a row.

In ‘Sport Bild’, Wolff answers the question of who he thinks are the best drivers in the Formula 1 field: “Hamilton, George Russell and Max Verstappen. In that order.” Clear support for his second driver as well.

Russell still has to prove that on the track. While Verstappen became world champion for the first time in 2021, Russell has only been on the podium once so far – and that in the 2021 non-race at Spa.

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Hamilton: I would like to be more than a racing driver

Lewis Hamilton is the most successful Formula 1 driver of all time. Opposite of ‘Sky’ However, he reveals that he has come to realize: “This tournament is a great personal gift. But it doesn’t change anything.”

“It doesn’t change the fact that there is still war, racial injustice,” Hamilton said. So he wants to use his fame and reach on social media to make the world a better place.

“I think I’ve found my true purpose. It’s not just to be a racing driver,” Hamilton said.

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The best race? The driver is not completely convinced

“It was not as good as I expected,” summarizes Norris somewhat after the start of Bahrain and added: “I was expecting a little more. If you are close. [an ein anderes Auto] approaching, the rear tires still begin to slip.”

At least it’s a little better than before. “But you still lose a lot of energy,” he reports. Hulkenberg sees it as well. “If you drive too close, you still have problems,” the German said.

And Russell also explains that the difference in the past is not “big”. At least it hasn’t gotten any worse. But the drivers are not very happy after the first race of the new era.

1:37 p.m

Red Bull ahead of the historic start

Speaking of Saudi Arabia: Red Bull will finish its 327th Formula 1 race there. Why is this a special number? Because it takes you past Ligier (326) and puts you in the top 10 constructors winning Grands Prix.

Also this year Minardi (340) will be surpassed. Ferrari currently holds the record for most Formula 1 races in history with 1,031 Grands Prix. And that won’t change anytime soon.

Yet another milestone for the bulls!

1:20 at night

Williams hopes: Ahead of Saudi Arabia?

Although Albon had a respectable result in qualifying and the Bahrain race, his teammate Latifi did nothing at all. Williams looked to be the worst car in the field last weekend.

Regarding the second race of the season in Jeddah, Albon is now at least a little optimistic: “I think the track will suit the characteristics of the FW44 better. It’s smooth and there are a lot of moderate and fast corners.”

So he hopes that Williams will perform better next weekend than at the beginning. He also reminds: “The more we drive, the more we understand the car and how we can increase performance.”

As already mentioned, the track is new to him personally, he did not run here in 2021.

1:02 at night

Domenicali reiterates: The new team is not a priority

The new Formula 1 teams were already the main topic on our ticker yesterday. And after Stefano Domenicali has already stated that the foreigners will definitely have to bring “added value”, he now confirms his doubts again.

Opposite of ‘Sky’ he insists that the current ten teams are already making for a “very, very strong” tournament. In 2021 only Red Bull and Mercedes would fight for the title and still the desire was high.

If other teams and drivers can take part in the championship fight this year, then that will be “more than enough”, the Formula 1 boss explains. It doesn’t look like Formula 1 will grow any time soon.

12:45 p.m

19 years ago today…

… Kimi Räikkönen celebrated his first Formula 1 victory at the 2003 Malaysian Grand Prix! At the same time, Fernando Alonso, who previously grabbed his first pole position, won his first podium position in the first class.

McLaren driver at the time, Räikkönen, also led the world championship with the win. However, at the end of the year, he missed out on the title to Michael Schumacher – by a paltry two points…

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Alpine: Without a customer team at a loss?

Renault is the only engine manufacturer to field a single team on the grid. Alpine team boss Otmar Szafnauer admits that it would be “a bit better” to have an additional customer team.

Because every extra drive means you can “learn” a little more. At the same time, however, Szafnauer stresses that there are also “advantages” in not having to distribute other teams.

Because each team has its “needs,” he explains. “I want that cold. I want that, I want that [den Motor] install it in a chassis like this,” Szafnauer lists as examples of special applications.

Because you don’t have customer teams, you don’t have to make any “compromises”. “So it has pros and cons,” says the new Alpine team boss.

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Jeddah: Alfa Romeo aims for points again

The Sauber team had both cars in the points at the start, but team boss Frederic Vasseur warns: “We saw how difficult the field was in Bahrain.” So the race in Saudi Arabia will be “challenging” again.

He does not expect it to be a guaranteed success. “We know that we have to give everything and give another good weekend,” he says, but he adds optimistically: “If we can do that, it’s true to get the cars in the points.”

Valtteri Bottas added: “We are going in the right direction and Saudi Arabia will be another race where we can fight for a good result.” However, one still has to wait and see if the layout suits the C42.

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Marc Surer: Analysis of Bahrain 2022

In an interview with editor-in-chief Christian Nimmervoll, Formula 1 expert Marc Surer discusses the issues that need to be answered after the season opener in Bahrain. His prognosis from the German point of view is bad.

Mick Schumacher was a disappointment at Haas – especially compared to team-mate Kevin Magnussen. And after a terrible first race, Surer also sees black for Sebastian Vettel’s Aston Martin team.

He explains why in this video!

Best engine in F1? That’s why Ferrari wins again!

How good Ferrari’s new engine is, why Red Bull was beaten by Mercedes and how much power it still has. More Formula 1 videos

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Lukas has a question about the battle between Verstappen and Leclerc on Sunday. In fact, Leclerc explained that himself. He revealed that he slowed down a bit in the situation on purpose.

Background: At the end of the home stretch is the DRS testing area of ​​the second series in Bahrain. So Leclerc deliberately let Verstappen go first there to have DRS and be able to counter.

In fact, Leclerc said after the race: “I always tried to brake early in turn 1 to get DRS in turn 4. It worked, three times in a row.”

10:48 am

Why disability law might work against Ferrari

F1-75 was created in 2021, when Ferrari was allowed to use more aerodynamic resources than Mercedes and Red Bull due to the new handicap rule in Formula 1. However, the handicap key will be revised on June 30. If Ferrari is to take the lead in the Constructors’ Championship, testing in the wind tunnel and CFD simulations should be least of all in the second half of the year.

The full story is here!