Signs of new test cameras at Tesla >

Signs of new test cameras at Tesla >

Only slightly delayed from the latest announcement, version 10.69.2 of the FSD beta software for Tesla’s Autopilot system began rolling out over the weekend, which CEO Elon Musk says is currently expected to reach around 100,000 beta testers . According to the instructions, the software has improved the ability to handle left turns on multi-lane roads since version 10.69, which had only a limited distribution. Among other things, Tesla introduced a slightly recessed position for a better view of crossing traffic. But as one YouTuber points out, automatic cameras can’t see well in certain situations – and there are actually signs that at least one of them will soon be replaced.

There is no room for Tesla in the corner

There are intersections or intersections where a human driver should lean as far forward as possible to see the crossing traffic, explains YouTube channel manager Cyber ​​Owners​​​​ in his video from late August. He shows an example from his own town: A small street meets a larger one, and right at the corner there is a house on the left behind a narrow lane. This blocks the view of a human on the left unless you lean too far forward or let the car’s nose protrude into the side road.

As a YouTuber points out, the same applies to automatic cameras. To do this, he places the opening angle from Tesla’s website on top of a diagram he drew of an intersection in his city. Most important in this case is the side and front facing camera on the left B-pillar. But even then, according to the video, the corner of the house is still such that a car crossing from the left will only be detected at a distance of less than 15 meters. Covering this distance at 50 km/h takes more than a second.

With current camera hardware, things can be difficult in some situations, says the YouTuber. However, there are already indications that Tesla is aware of this problem and is working to fix it. They also come from video: Also in August, Autopilot director Ashok Elluswamy gave a conference presentation on further developments – and in it he showed a sequence in a different context that shows a wider view from the camera on the front fenders.

Instead of going back diagonally (see diagram above), the security cameras in Elluswamy’s presentation seem to look slightly forward (and further back). And as Cyber ​​Owners​​​​ showed with another drawing, this arrangement on his road would be enough to register vehicles approaching from the left at a great distance. So he is sure that Tesla is planning to exchange at least these two cameras. Unlike additional sensors or displacement, this can be done with little effort.

Fourth generation automated testing equipment is coming

Facebook user discovery also speaks to future camera innovations. According to Drive Tesla Canada, last week he photographed a Model 3 with manufacturer’s plates and a strange additional construction on one of the fender cameras. The person informed confirmed that the new cameras are planned at this time and have already been installed on the test vehicles, reports the blog. They are said to be part of the fourth generation of equipment for the autopilot system. Tesla boss Musk confirmed last August that an advanced FSD computer and better cameras are coming. According to the report, he plans to talk more about it at Tesla’s second AI Day later this month.