Simon Loos runs 1.5 million kilometers of electricity •

Simon Loos runs 1.5 million kilometers of electricity •

With a group of more than twenty electric trucks, Simon Loos has a total of one and a half million kilometers without air pollution per hour. Special success in Europe, which can only be achieved thanks to the close cooperation of partners and the expertise of drivers. Simon Loos uses growing electric ships for free distribution to retailers and catering companies in the inner cities of Randstad.

The limit of one and a half million kilometers of electricity, or about 40,000 cycles around the world, was broken in May 2022, ship manager Wim Roks proudly explains. “In recent years, we have learned a great deal about electric driving every day, because that is a completely different world. It seems to have come naturally, but now we look back and see that we have a mile and a half miles, an unprecedented success. ”

Developments regarding clean air transport were reflected in the Roks’ agenda about ten years ago. Good cooperation was essential to successful outcomes. “Fortunately, we have dedicated partners who are ready to start this green path with us.” After a period of in-depth research, Simon Loos and Heineken began the experiment in 2014 with a full electric truck in central Amsterdam: four GINAF electric trucks were used to deliver the Heineken array. It turned out to be a good start, after which the electric ship was boldly expanded by seven more trucks a year later.

This is followed by practical trials in close collaboration with Albert Heijn, DAF Trucks and Mercedes-Benz. Efforts are rewarded for the first time. At the beginning of 2022, Simon Loos will purchase the first seven Mercedes-Benz eActros refrigerator trucks that will be produced consecutively for the Dutch market. It is important for this purchase that Simon Loos drivers have all the skills and knowledge in-house to deliver electric trucks in a more sustainable way, due to extensive practical testing and training.

The recent introduction of eActros by Simon Loos is in partnership with Lidl. In the field of sustainability, the logistics provider and the chain of supermarkets know how to strengthen each other. Because from the Lidl sustainable distribution center in Almere, Lidl seventy[1]branches in the states of Noord-Holland, Flevoland and Utrecht. To complete the circle, eActros is charged overnight with energy from 7,000 solar panels on the roof of the distribution station.