Singing along in the car: Tesla launches karaoke microphone

Singing along in the car: Tesla launches karaoke microphone

The microphone can be ordered from Tesla’s Chinese website as of today. For 1199 Chinese Yuan, converted to about 168 euros, buyers get a set of two microphones that can be connected to their car. The microphone is currently only available in China.

The announcement is tied to Tesla’s software update on the occasion of Chinese New Year next Tuesday. Tesla is also giving a major update in the West to celebrate the end of the year. This usually includes a few entertainment features, such as access to games and TikTok.

The microphone is designed to work with Leishi KTV, a karaoke system that will also be available in Chinese Tesla cars with updates. The microphone proved to be so popular that the order page crashed today.


Tesla was launched ready karaoke work in 2019 under the title ‘car-aoke‘. However, its performance is much smaller than Leishi KTV. According to the automaker, TeslaMic will connect directly to the system, after which functions can be used that should help with audio performance.

It is not yet known if the TeslaMic will also be available in the West. However, there is room, since the company has all its copyrights in the United States extended for audio products. Not much is known yet, but that could be a sign that the company also wants to release the TeslaMic in the US.

Although the microphone is not yet sold in the Netherlands, you can also do something with us play more Buy Tesla products. For example, Tesla lovers can currently order a belt with the Tesla logo, a product launched as a gift for the new Texas factory. Also a Tesla umbrella, a mug with ‘S3XY’ on it (a reference to the four models of Tesla cars), a carafe and miniature models of Tesla cars.


After all, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is known for his sense of humor and outlandish opinions and ideas. So he announced Musk, for example, for cryptocurrency in December last year Dogecoin as a payment method will accept certain Tesla products. Musk’s tunnel company The Boring Company also sold twenty thousand in 2018 flamethrowers. “The rumor that I’m secretly creating a zombie apocalypse to generate massive demand for fire fighters is completely false,” he said at the time.