Sisters couldn’t clean up after father’s death in ‘Your House in Order’

Sisters couldn’t clean up after father’s death in ‘Your House in Order’


When host Viktor Brand sees the sisters, he asks them if the house feels like home. “It’s where we live, but it’s not our own home,” says Lotus. Viktor, who has just walked around the house, thinks it’s a definite answer. All three go inside to continue talking. They are sitting at the dining room table, but they can hardly see each other.

“This is the years of …, this is not the time, you understand that,” Roos says, laughing. “We have lived in this house all our lives, with my father. He died about a year and a half ago now. Now you are with him in the house, your own, everything.” After the death of their father, the sisters were alone “First I focused on money, that’s the most important thing. That we manage to support ourselves,” explains Roos, who was also still in school at the time.


“That’s going well now, but it was a priority. Then you don’t do other things. You have to set priorities, so that other things are far away and a little neglected.” Lotus is so embarrassed that she doesn’t want to invite her friends over. Viktor asks if they want to face it together on Saturday. “Okay, I suggested it before, but Roos never wants to clean with me,” says Lotus.

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“Then we argue a lot,” Roos says. “I would like to clean at the same time, but in different rooms.” It also creates tension in the home. “There was a time when we were just arguing and we couldn’t be there for our father. While we really need each other,” says Lotus.

“Did you even give it a chance?” Viktor asks. “No,” Roos says with tears in his eyes. “I also get a little emotional now talking about it.” He really didn’t want that. “The whole point is, we just kept going because we had to.” Viktor thinks that it is very interesting that they have taken this route and assures the sisters that they will be helped. “It will also be difficult for you, because you have to say goodbye to many things.”

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