Ski Season in Europe – Italiavola & Travel

Ski Season in Europe – Italiavola & Travel

EasyJet is back at capacity for 2019 on its ski slopes with two million seats now available.

Heavy snow is expected to continue across France
easyJet’s flight schedule to European ski resorts is increasing by 30% this winter compared to 2022
EasyJet is the number one operator for Alpine airports including Lyon, Grenoble, Geneva, Milan and Turin.
France is EasyJet’s second most popular ski destination and more than 200,000 seats are now sold for the peak winter season.
Places in Lyon for this winter season have increased by 110% compared to 2019
EasyJet, Europe’s number one airport operator and France’s second largest short- and medium-haul airline, has put two million seats up for sale on its popular winter ski itineraries across Europe strong With heavy snow expected in the coming weeks, the airline is rolling out its first ski guidance program in two years. EasyJet’s flying program will also increase by 30% this winter compared to 2022.

A major player during the winter season, EasyJet is the number one carrier between the UK and France, as well as the largest carrier serving key airports in the Alps including Lyon, Grenoble, Geneva, Milan and Turin. For example, in Lyon, the offer of seats is 110% compared to 2019. This together with Grenoble, served by EasyJet only in winter, ensures a significant contribution to the Rhône-Alpes economy.

The company serves areas throughout the region: Nice and Marseille to the Southern Alps, Toulouse to the Pyrenees and Andorra, Basel-Mulhouse to the Vosges. These airports offer shuttle service to ski resorts. To meet the needs of passengers during the season, the company offers on its website and mobile application a selection of sports equipment from €42 for small sports equipment including skis and ski boots, as well as a snowboard.

By making it easy for tourists to visit French destinations and for the French to discover Europe and travel within France at affordable fares, EasyJet is in a unique position in the industry. The orange airline makes the popular winter destinations accessible to all French people in those areas by allowing them to reach ski resorts quickly, mainly via cross-country ski routes, with an offer that complements the train. In France, the company does not use the national line where there is an alternative direct train of less than 4 hours.

Great fares are still available on many of our domestic February holiday routes, departing on a weekend – prices from January 16:

Nantes – Lyon from €51 (Sunday 19 February)
Lille – Toulouse from €72 (Sunday 19 February)
Bordeaux – Lyon from €49 (Sunday 12 February)
Rennes – Lyon from €79 (Sunday 12 February)
Bertrand Godinot, Director of EasyJet in France, said:

“This winter marks the return of ski traffic with 2 million seats available across all our ski areas. Capacity is comparable to 2019 and demand for skiing this winter is encouraging, promising good prospects for key areas of winter in our network.

“By making France the second largest destination after Switzerland, we contribute to the winter sports tourism economy, which is important for many regions in France. This economic contribution goes hand in hand with long-term and sustainable efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Last September, the company presented its carbon decarbonization roadmap between now and 2050. It continues its commitment in various strategic areas such as operational efficiency measures, industrial partnerships with Airbus and Rolls-Royce and fleet renewal with generational partnerships. Airbus’ new Neo, which will reduce CO2 emissions by 15% and noise pollution by half.

EasyJet has already reduced its carbon footprint per passenger kilometer by more than a third since 2000 and is continuing its efforts in this direction by improving its flight and ground operations. The company’s goal is to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050 thanks to the decarbonised technology predicted by Airbus by 2040 and supported by the hydrogen investment program in France.