Skoda Kodiaq test (2024): the king of versatility on the test

Skoda Kodiaq test (2024): the king of versatility on the test

Mlada Boleslav is on the run. THE Octavia, Enyag, Scala et Kamiq were renewed, Very good the generation has changed, Epiq and Elroq were announced and now the Czechs are also presenting the all-new Kodiaq. This is definitely a novelty as this popular family SUV is a step up from its predecessor in terms of comfort, electronics and driving assistance.

But Kodiaq borrows their advantages from the already mentioned Superb, as well as from Volkswagen Tiguan and Pass.

Body work and tests Skoda Kodiaq

However, Skoda has not exaggerated: the Kodiaq has grown slightly (+ 6 cm), while losing a little in width (- 1.8 cm) and length (- 2.7 cm). The added value of this new generation is only visible in the spatial domain, and Cx increased from 0.32 to 0.28.

This is partly the result of its smooth contours, but also active air intakes integrated into the front fascia, more aerodynamic mirrors, longer trunk spoiler and better air distribution to the engine and brakes.

Modifications included in the newest model that distinguish it very clearly from its predecessor. The most noticeable difference is at the back, with an LED strip connecting the two lights. Let’s also show the D-pillar that can be covered, as an option, with a unique dark chrome plate. A stylistic trick that seems to be borrowed from the Audi Q2.

Interior and multimedia Skoda Kodiaq

The large Czech SUV shares with the Superb its infotainment system including two available screens (10.4 or 12.9 inches), a head-up display (a first for two Skodas) and Smart Dial buttons under the center console. The outer dials control the temperature and seat heating/ventilation, while the central one is customizable and lets you dedicate it to six different functions. To switch from one to the other, just click to scroll through the menu. Which, in passing, tends to distract attention from the road.

2024 Skoda Kodiaq

The Kodiaq’s seats are special and therefore different from those fitted to the Superb. Logically, given the raised seating position of the SUV, meaning different support. In any case, we will never complain about their comfort, and the feeling of being more comfortable in the ErgoComfort (optional) Kodiaq models than on board the big sedan from Mlada Boleslav. Same level of satisfaction back. The three-seater bench seat is spacious enough to accommodate larger people.

Each of the three occupants adjusts the legroom as desired by sliding the seats. A function that will be used especially if the third column is occupied. Because yes, he’s back! But if the rear passengers benefit from 1.5 cm more headroom, these seats nevertheless remain emergency solutions, for short journeys. But it can help.

Chest Skoda Kodiaq

Known for its generous space, the Kodiaq also boasts a good amount of cargo. Its trunk therefore swallows 910 liters, or even 2105 liters, folded seat.

Review Skoda Kodiaq 2024

If you hold in the third row, the volume decreases to 845 liters when folded and 340 liters when in use. As for the iV 5 version, its battery still leaves 745 liters (in a 5-seat configuration).

Engine Skoda Kodiaq

As for the plug-in hybrid version, you will have to wait until the summer to confirm one of its key features: traveling 100 km in EV mode, thanks to its 25.7 kWh battery (19.7 net) that powers the 116 hp combined engine on a six-speed gearbox.

When the battery is empty, it can be charged with alternating current or direct current. In the last case, with a maximum of 50 kW (10 to 80% of capacity in 25 minutes).

Review the 2024 Skoda Kodiaq

The Belgian importer estimates that this offering will represent 20% of sales. The majority of Kodiaqs (65%) should go for the 1.5 eTSI, a familiar 4-cylinder engine backed by a mild hybrid. With its 150 hp and 250 Nm, it delivers the punch, volume and range worthy of the name using an alternator-starter and dual-cylinder partial deactivation whenever possible.

For our care, we chose an engine that has become rare on our roads; 2.0 TDI with 193 hp and 400 Nm We said that its additional punch compared to the 1.5 eTSI (the light hybrid did not always seem easy in the mountainous part of the Costa Brava) will be more important in a large SUV. We are impressed with its stability, declared at 6 to 6.6 l/100 km WLTP (for 157-174 g/km of CO2). And then, we think of certain professions, winter vacationers or multi-taskers. Because the more powerful 2-liter Diesel remains connected to a two-speed robot box (which, by the way, is also true for all Kodiaqs apart from the PHEV) and an important transmission system.

Values Skoda Kodiaq

If you look at the (recommended) Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) Plus option, the machine offers high efficiency and at the same time comfortable damping. The trick is to use a different valve (one for compression, one for rebound) for each shock absorber. Compression and expansion can therefore be controlled separately and no longer through a common channel.

2024 Skoda Kodiaq

This allows not only a quick adjustment of the damping characteristics, but also an (even) more distinct gap between the Comfort and Dynamic driving modes. In practice, however, with such a car one nevertheless benefits more from increased comfort than from the so-called power settings. Because the Kodiaq has gained weight again; A good two tons in the case of our Diesel. In short, extreme driving is not his domain. Nor his calling for that matter.

Decision Skoda Kodiaq

The Skoda Kodiaq upgrade is obvious and well worth it. Even with a diesel under the hood, the Czech SUV offers some class and plenty of modernity. Although it becomes more family-friendly, practical and fun to live with, even refined, it takes its electronic skills (infotainment, assistance) to a level previously reserved for Premium. But not surprisingly, this policy leads to an increase in prices.