Skoda Octavia – a variety that will meet the expectations of not only the head of the family

Skoda Octavia – a variety that will meet the expectations of not only the head of the family

Although the Octavia may not function as Skoda’s workhorse due to its price, it is undoubtedly one of the most important models in the brand’s range. Why? Because, thanks to its modern and elegant design, large cabin and modern equipment, it is a very good example. Thanks to this, the car more than meets the expectations of classic families with two children, but it can also work confidently as a company car for senior management.

The latest, fourth generation of the model made its debut in 2019 and, compared to the previous one, it has grown, and above all, got sharper lines. The car was built on the MQB platform and its body is 30 mm longer and 15 mm wider than its predecessor. This translates into deeper things. On the other hand, due to the brightness and very thin headlights and longitudinal rear lights, the body looks more powerful and very modern.

Skoda Octavia – driving experience

Although the tested Octavia Sportline is a less aggressive version than the sporty version of the RS, it may be too difficult in terms of comfort for many families. It is enough to drive a “sleeping cop” to see it clearly. However, it also has its positive side. In almost every road condition, including a fast corner, Skoda goes with stoic calmness, increasing the psychological comfort of the driver. Comfortable seats also contribute a lot to this and ensure good lateral support.

The driving style is also a source of great satisfaction. The DSG transmission is smooth and the all-wheel drive increases driving safety, especially in remote and ideal conditions. 190 HP turns out to be more than enough and allows to drive very powerfully. The only thing left unsatisfied is the level of stability in the interior. It cannot be said that it is very loud in Octavia, but in special conditions when driving on the road, the noise in the cabin is quite clear, which can be a little disturbing with a route of several hundred kilometers.

Skoda also deserves special mentions for the departure from traditional, physical switches. Most functions require clicking on the central touch screen. Although it is not a big problem when stopping, it is when driving. And we say, among others, about the possibility of changing the climate settings, which instead requires intervention while driving. However, the biggest criticism is due to the good control of the trip, because in the real Polish situation it does not work as we expect, and the user cannot turn off the working mode and use the system as with normal travel control. For example, in winter conditions, due to the snow sitting on the sensors, the cruise control may not be available at all.

Skoda Octavia – interior

When you sit in the interior of the Octavia, you can almost feel like you are in a first class car. High-quality materials complement the elegant and modern interior. Octavia also impresses with a large amount of space for passengers, which also applies to those traveling in the back seats. Here, even three adults have no reason to complain. The amount of legroom and headroom is nothing to complain about. The most important person in the car is undoubtedly the driver, who will easily find a good place for himself. Access to all switches is easy, while getting used to the touch panel under the central display, with which you can adjust the volume of the sound system – by placing your hand on this invisible bar, you can accidentally increase the volume of the music. he played.

Skoda Octavia – boot capacity and space

From the first generation, Octavia surprised with its big trunk. There are more reasons to be satisfied with the latest model. However, the minimum cargo capacity of 600 liters declared by the manufacturer must be impressive. In fact, after lifting the tailgate, we see a cavernous trunk, which questions the meaning of buying a station wagon, because it turns out that luggage and equipment for the whole family can easily fit here, even for those who go on vacation.

Skoda Octavia – fuel consumption and operating costs

What, apart from the spacious interior and large trunk, surprises Octavia is the economy. Although we are talking about a car with a 190hp 2-liter engine that transmits all-wheel drive through an automatic transmission, the car turned out to be unexpectedly economical. Despite driving with three passengers and a lot of luggage, while driving on the road at the maximum speed allowed by law, Skoda consumed about 7 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. Therefore, Octavia doubts the meaning of buying diesels, which are not the most economical for high purchase price. And yet, due to the supply of gasoline, we should not be too worried when using the car in cold conditions.

Skoda Octavia – financing and warranty

Even if we don’t have enough money, we can still own Octavia. A car can be purchased with a regular loan or with a low installment lease for private customers or with a low installment lease for a company. In standard solutions, the contract is concluded for a period of 24 to 60 months, the initial payment is from 0 to 50%, and the customer pays for the whole car. With modern financing, the contract lasts from 24 to 48 months, the contribution itself is between 0 and 45 percent, while the customer pays a part corresponding to the loss of value of the car.

Skoda Octavia – gallery

Skoda Octavia – is it worth buying?

Of course, the great popularity of Octavia is not only the result of the producer’s marketing activities. The latest Octavia is highly decorated, modern and spacious. Because of these three, it is worth recommending this model to anyone who is looking for a large, family car, and does not want to spend money on premium models.