Skoda relies on electricity.  This is what the big SUV of this brand will look like

Skoda relies on electricity. This is what the big SUV of this brand will look like

Skoda currently only has one electric car on offer, but that will change quickly. There is a whole range of electric vehicles on the way. They will be distinguished by a completely new design, based on the idea presented on the Vision 7S studio prototype. See what we can expect.

The word has been said. From 2035, we will not hit the road with a new internal combustion car. The European Union relies on a fully electrified supply, and this means more challenges for car manufacturers. Many companies are preparing to quickly switch to electric vehicles – before the EU deadline. Skoda will be no exception as it is already planning major changes to its model range.

An indicator of change is the Vision 7S model, a large electric model, which is the successor of the Kodiaq. It is he who presents the design that will be the basis of the brand’s new cars.

Skoda is preparing four electric cars – but not forgetting about combustion cars

Let’s start with electric cars, because they will be the most important for the brand. The debut of the Vision 7S model it also meant the presentation of a new strategy for the coming years.

It has a PREMIERE of three models. It will be a compact SUV, a large SUV (ie production Vision 7S) and a city car – the successor to the Fabia.

Bigger cars will be built The MEB platform has been refreshed, or upon his successor. We are talking here primarily about a large battery, a more thoughtful design and high efficiency. The key to success is to reach a real range, to reach 600-700 km.

Skoda EV

The successor to the Fabia, in turn, will be the basis of the new MEB Light platform, adapted for small cars. This one will get front axle drive and a small battery. It will also be simplified so that production costs are reduced as much as possible.

But that’s not all, because there are also plans for an “electric Octavia”

Car manufacturers are realizing that SUVs cannot be the only vehicle in their range. Skoda is seriously considering the full electrification of the Octavia’s successor. Here, the “cousin” of this car can be electric Volkswagen.Aero IDreleased in the form of a learning vehicle a few months ago.

For now, we will get the new Kodiaq and Superb body

There will also be no shortage of electric cars, although these will also be mostly electric. So the transition period will be completed the new body of Superb and Kodiaq, currently undergoing testing. We won’t get a big visual and technical revolution here.

New will be the best plug-in hybrids, using the 1.5 TSI engine. In addition, all other power units will have a smooth hybrid system.