Skoda Superb 2024. This is what the Czech flag might look like

Skoda Superb 2024. This is what the Czech flag might look like

What will it be? Skoda Superb 2024? On the road, you can find experimental models hidden under heavy camouflage. Some of them still do not have the original body – others use elements of other models.

There is no doubt about that the novel will be very close to the aforementioned Volkswagen. We suspect that the projects will be technologically similar as the Octavia to the Golf. Will this be good for brand health?

Remember that we are in a transition period that precedes the “electrical revolution”. So let’s enjoy that The new Skoda Superb will be available with an internal combustion engine – whatever.

Skoda Superb 2024 – this is what it might look like

As already mentioned, covered art travels on the road, so independent designers are trying to bring fans closer to what can be hidden under the covers. These graphics look very attractive. Are they close to nature? Time will tell.

The front seems to continue the familiar concept. The lights themselves, although this is a bold association, they remind us a little of those of the new Mustang. They are long, thin and have the same arrangement of lighting elements. If they are “trimmed” a little higher, it will be even better.

Skoda Superb 2024 – an independent project

The author decided that he would be behind one panel connecting both lights. It is an increasingly popular theme with many developers. It does not resemble other models of the Czech manufacturer very much, but it is possible that the stylistic language will change.

Skoda Superb 2024 It is sure to attract a large number of customers. We suspect that most, if not all, electric operators will offer a hybrid – linear or plug-in. The departure of the 280hp 2.0 TSI unit seems unlikely. However, we have to wait a while for official news.