Skoda, the new economical SUV scares the competition: it costs less than 20,000 euros and does not miss anything.

Skoda, the new economical SUV scares the competition: it costs less than 20,000 euros and does not miss anything.

Skoda’s remarkable progress in recent years has meant that the Czech company has also created a new affordable SUV.

Not all brands can be part of such a wonderful Group Volkswagen. There Skoda it took advantage as soon as the Berlin wall was destroyed and already at the beginning of the 1990s it began to rise slowly.

Skoda, SUV for less than 20 thousand euros (Source: Ansa Photo)

Currently, the Czech brand has become one of the most popular in the world and recently it has been trying to update its fleet more and more. 2023 already seems to be a year full of good news and 2024 will probably be full of change.

A number of popular models have been relaunched, such as Eniaq, Kodiaq and especially Very big which will become the flagship of the company. However, this must in no way make us forget the development of the electrical component.

There Skoda launched from somewhere Citigo-e iV, a small 4-seater that allowed the company to start promoting itself in this world as well. Its dimensions were very small, in fact it was 356 cm long, 164 cm wide and finally 148 cm long. All the characteristics that allowed it to be the perfect car for the city, but now customers of Skoda they expect more.

The hope is that already at the end of 2023 there may be a possibility to launch a new electric model on the market which will be a small SUV. What also happens from that it will have a price of less than 20 thousand Euros, even less Citigo-e iV

Skoda’s new electric SUV: it will replace the Citigo-e iV

There is still not much information about the new electric SUV from Skoda and above all, his name is still uncertain. For others it may be a supporting vehicle Fabia, while for someone else it will be an example that put this great car in retirement.

Skoda Citigo-e iV, new electric version ready (Source: Ansa Photo)

What is known is that it will be a B-Suv, or rather something between an SUV, a sedan and a small car, and that it should have a battery inside. 38 kWh or from 56 kWh. In this way, the goal of the Czech company is to create a car that can guarantee at least the freedom 450 kilometers.

So this will allow Skoda to position itself in an increasingly important and advanced position in the world of the electricity market, a change that can prove to improve the company’s name even more. It is not certain that it may be a recent novel or that other models are already unable to turn to electricity. So we will see what awaits us in the near future, but seeing the results with hot engine SUVs, maybe we will see other big goals achieved by Skoda.