“Small dump”.  Learn and play with MPO

“Small dump”. Learn and play with MPO

Author: MPO Warsaw

“Mini Dump” is an educational project of the owners of MPO Warsaw, which was created with the intention of entertaining and educating the youngest. The workshop was started last year. Since then, thousands of children and adults have participated in them. Conference registration is ongoing.

The first workshop in the “Small Landfill” series was held on June 23, 2021 in Jordan’s 8th garden in Targówek. Third graders from several or more elementary schools in Warsaw participated in the first MPO ecology classes.

Since then, classes have been held regularly in kindergartens, schools, during district and city events and as part of social programs. Since the spring of this year, the Information Center for the expansion and improvement of the Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Plant (ZUSOK) in Targówek has also been a permanent part of educational meetings.

“Mini Dampo” is a program that was created to entertain and educate more young people. By developing a small “pile” of waste, students have the opportunity to test their intuition and knowledge while sorting it. First of all, they will learn the principles of the fifth division of municipal waste. The workshops are learning to work in a group, a test of responsibility, but above all, to create the belief that environmental care is priceless and everyone can change their part of the world. This educational project also allows you to discuss more complex and complex waste.

Furthermore, during the classes, children and young people will learn the benefits of recycling and the possibility of recovering raw materials from waste. Educators from MPO Warsaw also focus on ecology and environmental protection as well as the benefits of modern oil waste treatment plants, such as the Warsaw Institute of Social Insurance.

The last and most interesting attraction of the meeting as part of the “Small Dump” is the opportunity to observe carefully, and above all, the meeting in the cab of one of the newest MPO dust-free vehicles. Educational meetings are attended by MPO drivers who talk about the details of their demanding and rewarding job.

The workshops are open to groups of 25 (or smaller) children and youth aged 6 to 12. Classes are free.

Education classes of MPO Warsaw are very popular, and dates are reserved by schools and kindergartens in advance. Registration is currently ongoing for the 2022/2023 school year. Applications should be sent by e-mail to the following address: press@mpo.com.pl.