Smart EQ Fortwo – the ideas were perfect, the design and effects were even worse

Smart EQ Fortwo – the ideas were perfect, the design and effects were even worse

Smart has never been a cheap car. Desire for a premium class, playing under the wings of Mercedes, perfectly reflected the minimum required in the city. But somewhere in this fashion frenzy, she lost her designer clothes and replaced them with plain and sometimes tacky clothes. And really, it wouldn’t be a big problem if it weren’t for some prohibitive feature.

Manufacturers have been tempting us with “local” cars for years. And it’s real. An old adage says so if there is something for everything, it is free. In some cases, I even agree. However, there is another problem. Even if the model should not be universal, we are already very used to it we treat it as if it were meant to be universal.

The simplest example? I have the opinion that in Poland it is supposed to be every electrician must be the only car in the family and have a long range allowing you to travel to the Iberian Peninsula in one swoop. Go up Smart EQ Fortwo with such an attitude, you can forgive yourself any ridicule in advance. Apart from its operation or even a good combustion method, can you take it on a vacation trip? I doubt it.

The suspension is in good go-kart style. On the one hand, with a low center of gravity, it provides a pleasant driving experience, but at the same time it will shake well on bumpy roads.Photo source: © photo by Filip Buliński

Little, happy…

I admit that I had to change a little myself, starting with the test of this mortar on wheels. Fortwo facelift smart last year has been a good thing the first manufacturer to completely resign from the internal combustion engine and currently only offers cars electricity. In my opinion – that’s good.

Driving around the city was fun like no other car. True. Satisfied it grew against the width of the streets. The more you realize that the EQ Fortwo is only meant for a good drive around the city, the more you hear the sound of his puppy crying, being torn from its mother, leaving the outskirts of the city and the canyon.

The steering wheel needs a lot of windings, and by the way, it can have a slightly smaller diameter

The steering wheel needs a lot of windings, and by the way, it can have a slightly smaller diameterPhoto source: © photo by Filip Buliński

Lifting had one more change – body structure. The front has finally found hateful behavior. Smart previously announced its supremacy in the city especially with its height (I remember, it was 2.5 m), which allowed normal parking where everyone had to stand parallel. It can be compared to a bicycle – you will never forget it. Although today the height has increased to 2.69 m, it is Still the Fortwo squeezes in every corner.

It is thanks to the small turning circle, which is only 7 meters. I was shocked, my friends and many of the passersby watching as EQ Two it turns instantly like a turntable. To quickly change direction on the road, I did not have to actively search for the nearest bay. Two quick turns of the steering wheel were enough. By the way, you have to turn it on properly – from opposition to opposition, they are here up to 4 turns.

Contrary to appearances, it's not claustrophobic here

Contrary to appearances, it’s not claustrophobic herePhoto source: © photo by Filip Buliński

In parallel parking It’s also cute. We go back until our backs feel license plate cars back and drive up we will not kneel in the trunk cars in front of us. I don’t know why anyone needs a rearview camera, but at least the picture was of good quality.

… And tacky

Unfortunately, this is where most of its obvious advantages end. It is true that inside it is not claustrophobic, thanks to the high roof line, but it is The first disadvantage is the space behind the wheel. In addition to the fact that it is the shape of a stool (which should not be surprising), I did not have much to do with my left leg because of the wheel arch that entered the cabin.



Finishing the interior, however, is a bigger ambition. If we don’t meet switches or buttons from Daciait will be large areas of hard and unsatisfying closed plastic, which stood out unpleasantly on the strong ridges. The only soft feature was the optional rest stop. On the other hand, the glass room, which was the place of “chicory” above the passengers, when opening and closing. he was shouting like thatas if he is being hurt, no one knows how bad it is.

The fit of the front hood and the integrated method also make a bad impression. To find the body fluid hidden under it, you need to remove 2 locks, and then slide the mask, which … 2 lines of fabric and requires very gentle support on the front apron. Why can’t it be removed completely? One of the reasons is obviously the sprinklers on the hood. However, its concept requires a little patience and accepting the fact that the edges match the fender. it will be far from a straight draw.



The trunk of the Smart EQ Fortwo (with perhaps the shortest blind in the world) is still small, but if you pack your car for work, you have to agree. reduced to 260 liters of space o Vertical charging case.

Sensitive type

As we noted earlier, Smart is the urban type he hates to stick his nose outside the city limits. Although it meets the statistical requirements for daily kilometers traveled, it is the declared range of 135 kilometers. can be placed among the legends.

I tried to squeeze everything battery with a capacity of 17.6 kWh, but very smooth driving, I traveled 98 kmwhen used by a computer 16.6 kWh / 100 km. At the end of the test, it started to worry, because less than 14 km of distance, the computer said that I had to calculate the remaining distance myself and it would not help me in the prediction.

The Smart EQ Fortwo has not forgotten its signature tricks

The Smart EQ Fortwo has not forgotten its signature tricksPhoto source: © photo by Filip Buliński

Smart loves gentle treatment and is sensitive to any strong stimulation. Around the city normally, wear and tear had already arrived 18.2 kWh / 100 km. Any power jerks immediately increased consumption to 22-24 kWh / 100 km. Pity, because it has 82 horses engine The lightning is very lively and encourages you to run from under the lamp. Sure, you will be the first to reach “city” speed, but it takes time to reach a hundred 11.6 seconds.

In turn, the inclusion air conditioner if the heated seat makes a row it is melting at an alarming rate. Then, however, we can pull our ace from the sleeve, in the form of the “eco” button, which reduces performance, but it gives us confidence and 5-10 extra kilometers. I used it for different reasons.



Driving in normal conditions, the recovery was dependent on the front radar, but the default brake force was too weak anyway. it was necessary to apply the brakes forcefully. So Greenpeace members would have a heart attack to know how much energy was wasted here. Eco mode forced the system from above, cheaper than in the case of radarwhich was easier in anticipating traffic conditions.

A price is a price, but this is an exaggeration

I agree that the whole set, despite the lack of performance in areas, would be interesting to me if I could find the right number in the last column of the configuration. But when I looked at the equivalent of the tested version of the Smart EQ Fortwo, I was shocked for a long time. Because see the amount more than 125 thousand zlotysI was wondering “why?”.



The fact is that Smart defends itself with good equipment, but only in the tested version – we have heated seats, LED. front lightssunroof, ambient lighting or reversing camera, but (of course important) fast, 22 kilowatt on-board charger (PLN 3956) In addition, there is a lack of “luxuries” such as keyless access or push button. It is also a pity that We cannot choose different personal options – we have to choose 1 of the 4 lines of equipment, and then reinforce it with 1 of the 4 packages.

We can, of course, choose the primary option PLN 96,900. Only in this case will we get a car without a multimedia system, a multifunction steering wheel, a glove box that can be closed in front of the passenger and for manually adjustable side mirrors (!). Just remind you that for 90 thousand. PLN, we can buy 4 months Skoda Citigo-e iVwhich will offer only slightly inferior equipment than the test version of the EQ Fortwo, will be better inside, although apart from the charge, it will carry more cargo and will not cause a panic attack when you mention a shortcut.

Smart EQ Fortwo

Smart EQ FortwoPhoto source: © photo by Filip Buliński

Maybe it doesn’t roll back as efficiently as the neater and we won’t park it everywhere, but the combination of the quality of work, the possibilities of transportation and the range offered in relation to the price is in the case of a running mortar. not quite enough.

The Smart EQ fortwo is definitely a great car for the city and a lot of fun to drive. However, I have the opinion that somewhere along the way the accounting calculations, the collaboration with Renault and the desire to save on every aspect, were simply exaggerated. Because how can you call something premium, which in many places is a “copy + paste” from the old models of the brand, to offer cheap cars on the market. Smart does not have a solid argument, although it explains such a high price, which in the case of the tested version even enters the field of electric compacts, and talking about the basic version – cars with a lot of equipment, big. It’s a pity, because his charm cannot be denied.

Filip BulińskiFilip Buliński
Our rating Smart EQ Fortwo (2021):

6/ 10


  • wonderful trick
  • crush almost anywhere
  • good behavior
  • hard suspension…

  • … which will break all the seals on the big holes
  • fast melting under load
  • Very poor materials and workmanship
  • High price
Smart EQ Fortwo Prime 82 hp
Storage Type Electricity
Maximum power: 82 KM
Torque: 160 Nm
Cargo compartment capacity: 260 l
Catalogue: Measure yourself:
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 11.6 seconds
Maximum speed: 130 km / h
Energy consumption (city): n/a 16.6 kWh / 100 km
Energy consumption (method): n/a 22.9 kWh / 100 km
Energy consumption (combination): 15.7-17.0 kWh / 100 km 18.2 kWh / 100 km
Example from: PLN 96,900
Version from: PLN 108,089
Copy price: PLN 125,013