Smart home, that is comfort, savings and security in one

Smart home, that is comfort, savings and security in one

  • Smart home allows you to use eg a tablet or phone to monitor the operation of home systems and control them according to your needs.
  • Modern technologies mean that even the failure of the control of one of the systems does not interfere with the control of others

All functions in one

– A smart home is a system in which we integrate all the functions that we have in the building – lighting, heating, air conditioning, photovoltaic, energy management – in one system. Thanks to this, we can remotely control and manage everything from one panel, from one device – explains Zbigniew Czerwonka from one of the companies designing this type of systems.– The basic layer of cooperation is the wire connection. In addition, there is bluetooth, thanks to which, after installing the device, we have a connection with it and can control it from the phone. An additional layer is wi-fi, which makes it possible to turn the light on and off, raise and lower the blinds or let the courier through the gate. And we do all this lying in a chair on the beach at the other end of the world – he points out.

The only limitation is your imagination

Just as home heating depends on a central heating furnace, a good home should be seen as the foundation of a central server room. However, there are other ideas. – We develop a system that is generally heartless: each device is a programmable element. If an element fails, it just crashes in the system, other elements work well – he adds.

The system can be controlled from a phone or a special panel. Sometimes a switch is also used. Regarding the appearance, it is really “normal”, but in general they are more advanced: – Panels, multifunctional buttons, radio system: where it is difficult to guide the wires or there are large glass surfaces, we can stick to those buttons. on the windows. When it comes to what we want to do, what to control, how and where, we are only limited by our thoughts – assures Zbigniew Czerwonka.

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