Smart Kids Planet opens on October 15th

Smart Kids Planet opens on October 15th

On Saturday, October 15, he will return to the map of educational attractions for children Smart Kids Planet. The first in Poland, Centrum Mądrej Zabawy, will be opened in a new location – Norblin Factory. After many months, creative and interactive attractions for children up to 10 years old will return to Warsaw. Existing zones will be upgraded with new products that will be developed in collaboration with Partners. Now you can buy promotional admission tickets from PLN 29 or make an appointment ina trip to kindergarten or school.

The first in Poland andThe creative center of Mądrej Zabawy, designed and developed entirely in Poland, based on the international educational trend, i.e. education through entertainment. The idea of ​​such a place was born in the head of the Father, who felt that currently there is no place in Warsaw that gives a child a good time and at the same time it is a precious time. A long way behind us but nWe are looking forward to the opening, cleaning up the final attractions. It was not easy, because the design and construction took more than a year, but we believe that the new Smart Kids Planet will be smarter, which is understandable with unique areas, a rich program of daytime activities or a new version for schools and kindergartens. . We have dedicated several years of our lives to Smart Kids Planet and we know it makes sense! We want to invest in the future of our children and influence their development, even in the form of free play – says the founder and co-owner of Smart Kids Planet Adam Kowalczykfather of Leon and Blanka.

In the previous location, in just a few months of operation, Smart Kids Planet was visited by more than 120,000 people. This proves how important for parents, guardians and teachers is the time that children spend in a meaningful way. That is why the creators of this place develop this concept, focusing on innovation and the development of future abilities for children.

What’s new in Smart Kids Planet?

The unique and unique space is 1600 m2 divided into 9 zones, full of carefully thought out attractions. The whole thing not only gives a lot of fun to the little one, but also develops and teaches them. Concept uses modern technologies and leading teaching trends. A new relationship with socially responsible companies and spreading knowledge is also a big step for Centrum Mądrej Zabawy. Therefore, the existing zones are already connected with unique attractions in cooperation with Partners – Allegro, Biedronka and Komputronik. Our dreams of a unique Center come true, its standard is equal to the places built around the world. It is very important here that we have found partners, top companies on the Polish market, thanks to which the new products will be amazing, and children and their parents will see and try the attractions created according to the current trends. Thanks to the Partnership, we are fulfilling our long-term plans to implement a project based on collaborative centers from Asia. – he says Karol Gaweł, President of Smart Kids Planet, father of Lena and Nela.

At Smart Kids Planet, three new or modern attractions created by Partners will be provided for children to play – Allegro Ripped Package Zone, Fantazjuj z Komputronik and Wise Shopping Zone with Biedronka. New spaces were created to develop the future potential of the young, teach cooperation, get acquainted with the latest technologies and create good ecological habits. Despite the long absence, we have a lot of good energy, because our customers always let us know that they are waiting for our return. That’s why we come back with double strength and we can’t wait to meet our little explorers – adds Karol Gaweł. Centrum Mądrej Zabawy will also be the place for a program of daytime activities, including entrepreneurship, yoga, robotics and intelligence. Children’s workshops will begin on Monday, November 2.

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