SMART RUN – we ran for patients with spinal muscular atrophy

SMART RUN – we ran for patients with spinal muscular atrophy

On Saturday, August 6, 2022, almost 70 people traveled – running, walking or walking – a sufficient distance of 10 kilometers to show their support for people suffering from spinal muscular atrophy. The 4th SMArt RUN took place in Jerzmanowice near Krakow, where the SMA Foundation launched Spinal Muscular Dystrophy (SMA) Awareness Month, which is celebrated every year in August.

The purpose of the competition

– Our goal was to help the SMA community – patients and their families. Each participant of the run / walk could volunteer his run or walk to one patient with spinal muscular atrophy and thus show his support! Saturday’s run was already the fourth edition of the event, the previous ones were real or mixed, we are happy that this time we can all meet “live” – ​​says Tomasz Szwajgiel, organizer of the event on behalf of the SMA Foundation and the SMA Team .

– It is also important to spread awareness and knowledge about the disease, which is spinal muscular atrophy. SMA is a rare, genetic disease in which motor neurons die, causing muscle weakness and atrophy. We are very happy that since this year, the SMA newborn screening program has been working in Poland. Thanks to that, it is possible to identify the disease before its symptoms appear. And most importantly – you can start treatment and thus get ahead of the disease. Currently, as many as three drugs that effectively modulate the course of SMA are registered in Europe. In Poland, one of them is paid under the drug plan. We would like the doctor and the patient to decide on the choice of treatment that is best for a particular patient, and therefore we are working to expand the reimbursement of two other drugs, that is, gene therapy and oral therapy – adds Dorota Raczek, president of the SMA Institute.

The fourth SMArt RUN was held under the honorary supervision of the Vice Marshal of the Lesser Voivodeship of Poland – Łukasz Smółka, the Starost of Krakow – Wojciech Pałka, the Head of the Community of Jerzmanowice-Przeginia – Tomasz Gwizdała and the Commander of the Krakow District Police. – insp. Tomasz Drożdżak.

– We are proud to support important initiatives that spread knowledge about health among the residents of our voivodeship, such as SMart RUN. We support initiatives that unite the local community, but also mobilize people in need. I am glad that I was able to take advantage of this event. Spinal muscular atrophy is a serious, progressive disease, but it can be prevented today thanks to recent advances in medicine. That is why it is worth talking about – said Łukasz Smółka, Deputy Marshal of Małopolska Region.

About the path itself

Totally 10 km long and 200 m long, the SMArt RUN route passed through the picturesque towns of Jerzmanowice and Łazy, located in the Lesser Voivodeship of Poland, in the Krakow poviat. It is a great place for short tourist trips, full of beautiful scenery, located between the Ojców National Park, famous for its beautiful caves and outcrops, and the Będkowska Valley. The community of Jerzmanowice-Przeginia won the competition of the Tourist Funds of Lesser Poland as the best “climate destination”.

Jerzmanowice-Przeginia commune happily and proudly hosted the fourth edition of sMArt RUN run. We are happy that we can welcome so many amazing players and people of good will with us. We are already preparing for the next jubilee, the 5th edition of the event – assures Tomasz Gwizdała, mayor of Jerzmanowice-Przeginia district.

SMart RUN players and a boy suffering from SMA

Competition results

Mayor Tomasz Gwizdała, as well as the Commander of the Police Station in Krzeszowice – Michał Godyń and the president of the SMA Foundation, Dorota Raczek – decided to take part in the race personally and cover a mountain and mountain route more than ten kilometers long. . The race was also attended by parents and children suffering from SMA: Rafałek, Leoś and Natalka. In total, there were 46 competitors in the group that decided to run, and in the marching group – 20 people. The leading positions at the finish line were taken by:

– for running in the women’s group: 1. Aneta Starowicz 2. Barbara Żak 3. Katarzyna Rybacka;

– running in the men’s group: 1. Zbigniew Borszowski 2. Adrian Dziurzyński 3. Dariusz Szeląg;

– in the Nordic walking demonstration in the women’s group: 1. Halina Kułakowska 2. Joanna Glanowska 3. Justyna Pastuszak;

– in the Nordic walking demonstration in the men’s group: 1. Karłowski Wojciech 2. Florek Michał 3. Tyczewski Jacek.

The Jerzmanowice-Przeginia Mayor’s Cup was won by Barbara Żak and Zbigniew Borszowski (running) as well as Joanna Glanowska and Łukasz Mozgala (Nordic Walking).

The players were decorated by the head of the community Tomasz Gwizdała, the star of Kraków – Wojciech Pałka and the chairman of the district council – Tadeusz Nabagło. Help for the sick, and therefore those in the most difficult situations of life, is a manifestation of our sensitivity and solidarity. That is why I am very happy that SMart RUN was organized in our area and that many runners participated in it. This means that we are not different from the fate of other people and it shows our commitment and willingness to help – said Wojciech Pałka, Starost of Krakow.

Media stakeholders of the event

The media stakeholders of the event were:

– TVP Krakow

– Right

– Medical courier

– ISB Health




– Connection

For people who couldn’t participate in the live show – an invitation to the 4th virtual SMArt RUN!

For those who could not participate in the live race in Jerzmanowice, we have good news – from August 17, we invite you to the 4th SMart RUN online competition, which will last until August 31. Anyone who registers on the page, he will pay for participating in the race, and then cover a distance of 5 kilometers in one run (running, walking or walking) within two scheduled weeks, receive his unique medal and help one patient with SMA. More information about event website

And next year we will see Jerzmanowice at the 5th SMart RUN jubilee. Together we will overcome spinal muscular atrophy!