Smart shopping, or e-commerce trends in 2022 –

Smart shopping, or e-commerce trends in 2022 –

06/06/2022, 08:01

Consumers are becoming smarter when shopping – they are looking for better options (photo: press kit)

Poles are interested in smart shopping on the Internet, according to a study conducted by Atena Research & Consulting Agency.

Most people start their search with Allegro – 30 percent. Internet users. In comparison, 18 percent Google starts their path to purchase. people. Respondents’ responses indicate that users who use Google want to know opinions about items of interest, while those who choose Allegro focus on information about their availability.

Allegro is the most popular choice

Importantly, up to 98 percent of users who start searching on the Google and Allegro platforms find there what they were looking for.

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The survey also showed that Allegro is the most chosen shopping platform – as 86 percent of users answered that they sometimes use the portal’s services. In comparison, the AliExpress platform was chosen by 33% in this question, and Shopee was as popular as Amazon (15%).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have learned to use Internet resources effectively and make purchases, and the smart shopping trend is becoming more and more visible in the e-commerce industry every year. When shopping online, consumers pay more attention to product prices (about 43% of respondents indicated this factor as an important reason for buying). Other factors are also important to them, including availability (27% of participants saw it as an important factor), ease of purchase and free delivery (25%). After the pandemic, speed of transportation (22%) and convenience, understood as not having to leave home (21%), also became priorities.

BLIK is a leader

Fito also appreciates the simple form of package assembly. In 2022, fewer people chose receiving products than picking up places such as InPost, Orlen, Żabka, etc. (41 percent vs. 49 percent, respectively). Courier products decreased by 4 pp compared to 2021. On the other hand, when it comes to payments, BLIK is the leader, it is already used by 32 percent. subjects. On the other hand, there was a clear decrease in traditional transfers (by 10 pp vs. 2021). In addition, reductions were recorded in instant payments (by 8 pp vs. 2021) and online card payments (by 3 pp vs. 2021).

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Shopping fulfillment is another area of ​​decision making. Allegro is always the leader in this category – like last year, where more than half of consumers (57%) decide to buy the product. Online stores remain in second place with a result of 20 percent. In addition, every year fewer and fewer people make purchases in a stationary store – in 2022 it is only 3 percent. (from 2018 it was a drop of up to 19 pp).

A quantitative study was conducted among Poles adults who, in the last three months, made decisions about the purchase of products using the Internet. It was conducted using the CAWI method on an internet panel in April and May 2022. The research sample included 4020 internet users.

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(AMS, 06/06/2022)

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