What is a smart village?

Smart Village is a non-urban term for the term “smart city”. The plan includes many integrated activities aimed at improving the living space of residents as well as increasing the competitiveness of rural areas.

The key to achieving the goals is the implementation of modern technologies while respecting local traditions and needs. Smart Village is the same as facing challenges related to many economic areas, including. ecology or digitization.

Power in people

The idea of ​​creating a smart village depends on people. A Smart Village is not just renewable energy sources or kilometers of optical fiber – it is mainly a change of mind along with education. Residents need to be shown why it’s worth living in a smart city and being smart yourself. The main point may be to raise the standard of living of the current and future generations by an easy way to get doctors or a higher level of education.

One of the advantages of a high-quality idea in a rustic environment is also the improvement of agricultural processes by providing a model that allows you to work more efficiently and reduce losses.

They are already intelligent

In Poland, villages known for their intelligent solutions include, among others, Wiązownica-Kolonia in Staszów poviat and Piaseczna Górka in Kielce poviat. All are located in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship and all have been awarded in the competition. My smart village.

In the first case, a wise idea appeared, among others in creating an original mural that is pleasing to the eye, equipping a common room with a computer and Internet access, increasing security by installing surveillance and alarms, or renovating old farm buildings in the seat primary – Easter – and arranged a cinema room in it.

We also invite you to watch the film at this link:

In terms of the second activity, a smart idea includes willow pergolas (thanks to which there is more shade in the playground), rain forest, tanks, independent solar lights, outdoor library of personal service or so-called. a divider that allows for the exchange of non-perishable items.

In Poland, interest in the idea of ​​a “smart country” is slowly growing. This is a good sign. Especially that in the new perspective of the EU, the reserve of money for smart village projects will be big. You can also use it!

More information on the support that the idea of ​​a smart village can be found in the document prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development – Strategic Plan for the Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2027.

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