Snowmobile stolen from Walt’s Sales and Service in Derby

Snowmobile stolen from Walt’s Sales and Service in Derby

A snowmobile was pilfered from Walt’s Sales and Service in the city of Derby, according to police reports. The theft occurred between the hours of 11 PM and 8 AM on Monday.

The stolen snowmobile was identified as a Snow-Tron, a popular model for winter sports enthusiasts. It is characterized by a high-end engine and a reinforced steel chasis.

The Derby Police Department is currently investigating the incident. They are asking the public for any information related to the theft.

The proprietors of Walt’s Sales and Service were unavailable for comment, but the incident has left them feeling disconcerted. “This is a big loss for our business,” said an anonymous source from the store.

Police are imploring the community to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity they may witness. “We are determined to find the perpetrator of this crime,” said a police spokesperson.

Those with information related to the stolen snowmobile should contact the Derby Police Department at 555-555-5555.