Solar Magazine – BYD Battery-Box targets Flemish and Dutch energy storage markets

Solar Magazine – BYD Battery-Box targets Flemish and Dutch energy storage markets

BYD Battery-Box is one of the largest manufacturers and manufacturers of reusable electric batteries in the world. With the Flemish market for home batteries gaining momentum, the company wants to be a market leader here as well.

In addition, it can be based on an A-brand image. But is that enough in the growth market with so many visitors? The Park Newsletter asked Julia Chen, Global Director of BYD Battery-Box.

BYD is an interesting international concern. Sales for the first 3 quarters of 2021 were $ 22.7 billion, currently has more than 200,000 employees. The company is growing rapidly. This has everything to do with growth markets that work. In addition to electric transport batteries, it also produces its own electric cars and buses with BYD Auto. Last year, it sold 603,783 electric and hybrid vehicles, mostly in China. In addition, for BYD Battery-Box, it focuses on the market for home batteries and commercial storage systems. It has already sold 220,000 of these worldwide.

Early recipients
‘We established our European headquarters in Rotterdam in 1998’, says Chen. ‘That has contributed to our image as pioneers of technology. Our first-generation Battery-Box Pro home battery started in 2015, 5 years later we introduced the third generation: Battery-Box Premium. In the early years, we focused mainly on external grid applications; There are also many places in Europe where there is no electricity grid. In addition, there were undoubtedly early followers, people who wished to use their solar energy as much as possible, for example. After that, the home battery began to gain wider traction; especially where the solar subsidy is changed or eliminated. Here are the 3 best markets now: Germany, Italy and the UK. According to Mackenzie’s analysis, the BYD Battery-Box is the market leader in both countries. ‘

a lot
Ask Chen about the reasons for the success of the BYD Battery-Box, and he first mentions his origins in the automotive industry. The company uses the same platform as the automotive branch for its energy-saving technology. In the industry, the rate is very high, among other things in the field of security, life, power and speed of payment. According to Chen, this is also an important reason for choosing lithium iron phosphate batteries. But quality also lies in seasonal system choices. ‘In 2014 and 2015, home batteries had 1 battery pack – for many this is still the case. They weigh 100 kg fast. Installers are not waiting for that. The BYD Battery Box was the first modular system with easy-to-connect modules. This also means that our batteries can grow with households as their energy needs increase, for example due to family expansion or the purchase of an electric car or heat pump. ‘

Read the full copy in the March 2022 issue of the Store Magazine here.