Some 911 calls in Arizona border city are mistakenly going to Mexico

Some 911 calls in Arizona border city are mistakenly going to Mexico

In the Arizona border city of Nogales, some 911 calls have been erroneously routed to Mexican emergency response centers, resulting in a delay in the delivery of essential services.

In recent months, a number of 911 calls placed in Nogales have been mistakenly transferred to Mexico, instead of the local Emergency Services dispatcher. This issue has been particularly problematic for Spanish-speaking callers, as the Mexican emergency services personnel lack the language proficiency to understand the callers’ needs.

The Nogales City Council has been actively working to address the issue, and has recently announced the installation of a new system that should alleviate the problem. The new system, called “Enhanced 911,” is a specialized call routing system that is designed to ensure that 911 calls are routed to the appropriate local emergency services.

The installation of this system is expected to help ensure that 911 calls are not routed to Mexico, but rather to the local Nogales emergency services. The new system is also designed to provide additional features, such as caller location identification, which should help the local emergency services to respond to the calls more quickly and efficiently.

The city of Nogales is hopeful that the installation of the Enhanced 911 system will help to ensure that all 911 calls are routed to the correct destination and that callers receive the help they need in a timely manner.