Someone welded the rear of the Brera to the Alfa Romeo 159 and the 4-door Coupe was created.  Wait, what?

Someone welded the rear of the Brera to the Alfa Romeo 159 and the 4-door Coupe was created. Wait, what?

What would the Alfa Romeo 159 look like if it was more than a coupe? What would the Alfa Romeo Brera look like if it had more than one door? These two questions – which no one has ever asked – someone has just decided to answer. And no, not with the help of graphics software.

First a personal touch: the Alfa Romeo Brera is quite stylish in parts. The greatness of parts is that all parts – viewed separately – are good. The back is nice, the front is nice (you know), the interior is nice, the profile between the axles is cool too, but when it all adds up, you don’t know what we’re dealing with. A little bit of a 159, a little bit of a hatchback, a little bit of an extreme soapbox. The Italian car industry has certainly seen excellent projects – not to look far, for example in the form of the Alfa Romeo GT.

Which doesn’t change the fact that I’m not ruling out the possibility that the Brera will take 159th place on my driveway, because why not.


Someone had a Brera. And he had 159. He decided to see what would happen.

The project, described on Facebook by its author, Brendon Scholtz, assumed – yes, you guessed it, taking the Alfa 159 version. sedan Berlina, brutally stripping it of all its attention, and then welding behind the Brera there. As a result, either the 4-door Brera was created [ja Ci kurna dam „4-drzwiowa” – Piotrek Szary], or 159 in the slightly smaller hatchback version. Before starting work, an image of what the final effect would look like was even prepared, mounted on Giulia rims for the range, if two Alfas in one were not enough.

Source: Facebook

The whole implementation was surprisingly fast for such an unusual idea. The first photos were published at the beginning of March, in April the car was ready for painting and even got a temporary cardboard spoiler, which fortunately did not make it to the final car. Despite temporary problems, including a too short bumper from the Brera or an exploded rear window, the whole thing was painted in April, and soon after that it could be presented in all its glory.

Source: Facebook

Well, almost exactly, because in recent photos it still looks like the Brero-159 has not yet received a rear window.

Source: Facebook

The final effect looks like this:


And it’s definitely better than I expected at first, looking at the start of the project and the first steps, but since I have a weakness for these TI rims – maybe I’m not completely objective.

And thanks to all that effort, we finally know what the 159 would look like if it were more than a coupe, or what the Brera would look like if it was built to carry someone in the back, though. Unfortunately, we still don’t know how good the Alfa 159 could be if someone were to make a high-quality union out of it. But we’ll probably never know that.

Unless someone tries to go the other way now and instead of adding one pair of doors, they just remove them.

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