Sonali Kulkarni’s ‘women are lazy’ comment draws Twitter’s ire | Bollywood

Sonali Kulkarni’s ‘women are lazy’ comment draws Twitter’s ire | Bollywood

Sonali Kulkarni’s assertion that “ladies are lazy” has provoked a firestorm of criticism on Twitter, with many users denouncing the Bollywood star’s comments as sexist and discriminatory.

The actress came under fire after reportedly opining that “women are generally lazy” during a recent interview. Her remark prompted a wave of criticism on the social media network, with many users lambasting the star for her perceived insensitivity.

The controversy took off when a user posted a video of Kulkarni making her comments, with the caption: “Sonali Kulkarni calls women lazy. How inappropriate.” The clip quickly gained traction, with it being retweeted more than 4,000 times and garnering over 70,000 likes.

In response, numerous netizens lambasted the actress for her words, accusing her of perpetuating long-standing gender stereotypes. “It’s pretty unfortunate for a female actor to make such a regressive statement about her own gender,” one user wrote.

The backlash was not limited to Twitter, with many other outlets and publications expressing their disdain for Kulkarni’s remarks. “This is an irresponsible and damaging assertion that reinforces a backwards view of women,” read one article.

Kulkarni has since apologized for her comments, but the episode has not gone unnoticed. This incident serves as a reminder that sexism and discrimination still exist, and that words can have a powerful effect in perpetuating these ideas.