soon the first cousin of the Yaris Cross?

soon the first cousin of the Yaris Cross?

Lexus is said to be developing a future entry-level crossover that will position itself below the (already not large) electric UX. It will be based on the same platform as the Toyota Yaris Cross.

When it was created in 1990, many Lexus models were very close in styling to their Toyota counterparts. At that time, the first Japanese manufacturer followed the path of its partner Honda and Acura, then Nissan and Infiniti. Start a a new premium brand, in the booming US market. The ES mid-size sedan made no secret of its family ties to the Toyota Camry. Ditto for the SC coupe in 1992, a carbon copy of the Toyota Soarer. Since and over the years, the group has gradually released more importance to the differentiation of its two brands. Agree, there are still a few recent models (GX/Prado, LX/Land-Cruiser, Auris/CT, etc.). But there was also unique creations, which we had not seen in a Toyota. Like LFA supercarwhere RC and LC coupés and convertibles.

SUVs, reliability

Lexus has won its bet, for a reason 30 years later, it is the best Japanese brand. Compared to its competitors Acura and Infiniti, which is difficult to sell except in the United States and the Gulf countries. It marks today well anchored in our environmentwhat happened it is distinguished from its many SUVs, and its unfailing reliability. From the small UX to the big RX, from the NX crossover to the big GX and LX 4X4s, its range is very wide! This year, the brand will launch even for the first time his first 100% electric model (thought and designed as such from the beginning): RZ. The European range of Lexus is currently starting UX, cross section B, which is based on the short Toyota Corolla platform. Lexus has bigger (or smaller for that matter?) ambitions. Suggest a even a small example than UX. This will be cousin of the Toyota Yaris Cross, except that it will be 100% electric.

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They are our Japanese colleagues from magazine who got this information. Lexus would work on a entry level modelgiving an indirect origin to the elderly Hybrid CT (2010-2020). This small crossover will be the basis Toyota’s new e-Tnga platform. Shorter than the Yaris Cross, it would carry two battery sizes: the option of 50 or 60 kWh. It’s enough to lower the bill for electric models, compared to the larger (and more expensive) UX and RZ. His freedom can go beyond 400 kilometers. According to the magazine’s very accurate drawings, it won’t just be a “pure” Yaris Cross. The design looks more personal, and is well differentiated, typically Lexus. Real NX in reduction! The date of sale, nor even the presentation of this model is not is still known.