South Korea: A passenger opened the door mid-flight

South Korea: A passenger opened the door mid-flight

An Asiana Airlines passenger opened the door a few minutes before landing in Daegu, South Korea. “He wanted to get out quickly because he was short of breath,” police said. Nine people were hospitalized.

South Korea: A passenger opened the door of the plane during landing

The dangerous incident happened on Friday when an Asiana Airlines Airbus A321-200 landed at Daegu International Airport. As described tvn24.pla 33-year-old passenger opened the door when the machine was about 200 meters from the ground, causing panic among passengers.

There were 194 passengers on the plane, including 48 students who were flying to a sports tournament. – The children were shaking and crying in fear said the mother of one of them. “The people sitting near the exit were the most scared, they were in shock,” he added.

Nine passengers were hospitalized. A man describes his behavior

Fortunately, the plane landed safely and none of the passengers were seriously injured, but nine passengers were taken to hospital with breathing problems. They were released after 2 hours, said a representative of the fire brigade.

The 33-year-old man was arrested. During the interrogation, he testified that he was depressed after recently losing his job and opened the door because he wanted to get out fastbecause he had shortness of breath, police said.

According to experts, opening the door in flight was possible because the plane was at a low altitude. More on this on the website TVN24 BiS.

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Author:Dominika Czerniszewska

Main image source: skaman306/Getty Images