SPECIAL – Rocar-Tech Twente Rally: the end of an impressive season an example of a successful historic season + VIDEO

SPECIAL – Rocar-Tech Twente Rally: the end of an impressive season an example of a successful historic season + VIDEO

Tens of thousands rally fans, fast cars and beautiful sun. All the ingredients were there on Sunday October 16 to start the second day of Rocar-Tech Twente Rally make success. The visitors managed to spend the whole day with a folding chair, beer and a good place in the meadow, cites RTV Oost. Many also had their phones ready to record all the violence of the meeting and the sound of roaring engines. “Good to see!” and so it was.

Nr10 Hans Weijs with a Skoda Fabia R5 Evo, won the 2022 championship during the final championship race.

Caution to the hasty people
The Rocar-Tech Twente Rally was the end of the 2022 season. All thoughts were on the fast guys, with Hans Weijs taking the crown for a great season. After a thrilling battle with Jim van den Heuvel, Weijs won the final race of the championship with the Skoda Fabia R5 Evo. At the age of 35, Hans Weijs Jr is the Dutch Champion for the first time. But another highlight was the History category, where Maikel Van den Noort took his first victory. The 27-year-old Opel driver took the lead immediately on Friday evening and his lead will not be threatened again. Indeed after the retirement of Wouter Koenderink, whose drive shaft broke on his beautiful BMW in the test at Twekkelo, Van den Noort was all but certain of the victory.

Maikel_van_Noort_Opel_Kadett RX photo Peter Vader
Nr107 Maikel van den Noort and Rene van den Noort, historic winners with their Opel Kadett C Coupe (HGT category)

The name of Peter and Denis Mangnus
Tom van Altena guided his VW Golf to an excellent second place in 337, with the triple fastest time bonus at the Arena in Hengelo. I hadn’t driven in a year. I really enjoyed this race and the round trip was good for Golf, said a happy Van Altena afterwards. Third place was taken by Marco and Zijon Geeratz, who briefly appeared to be heading for the podium, until things went wrong twice on Sunday morning. Peter and Denis Mangnus were allowed to celebrate the Dutch crown. On Saturday evening they unfortunately ended up in a ditch and everything seemed lost. But after a night of playing at Talbot Lotus, they were able to start again on Sunday morning. This time, father and daughter crossed paths, which were rewarded with the Dutch Historic title 2022, according to News United.

110_Peter_Mangnus_NLD_Denise_Mangnus_NLD_Talbot_Sunbeam_Lotus_HGT RX Photo Peter Vader
Historic Champion 2022: Peter Mangnus and Denise Mangnus with their stunning Talbot Sunbeam Lotus

Interesting starting point
But behind this leading group, an impressive starting field of historic rally cars was launched. KNAF could not have imagined in 2011 that after the first competition in 2011 of the newly established division of Historians, this would grow into the success it is today. Why such success? First think what cars are around in it: Audi Quattro, Lancia Delta, Opel Kadett and Ascona, Ford Escort, Mitsubishi Lancer, Subaru Impreza, Porsche 911 and so on. They are gems from the 70s and 80s and later, who turned out in large numbers at the beginning of this year to participate in the Dutch Historic Championships. But familiar names are also returning. Who does not remember the Dutch champions Jan van der Marel and Bruno van Traa from the 1970s, or the brothers Wim and Bart Luijbregts, or Henk Vossen. Jan van der Marel and Bruno van Traa were behind at the start of Twente for the first time since 2017 with Volvo 240. So Volvo can be added to the long list of Van der Marel, who for many years shared with Opel Ascona. I200 and 400, Sunbeam Lotus, Opel Manta 400, Opel Kadett GTE, Vauxhall Chevette HS, Ford Escort and Sierra Cosworth and various Porsche 911s. His return did not go to his liking, already after three attempts he had to do. give up. In 2021, former national champion Erwin Doctor also returned to this championship, he was this year Hellendoorn in the beginning. And of a later age is Kevin Abbring, former WRC Skoda and Hyundai factory driver and now on the road in rallycross, who won the Historic Class with Zion Geeratz in September with their Lancia Delta Integrale 16V at Hellendoorn Race 2022. so there is no shortage of history.

Rocar-Tech Twente Rally has a busy RX Peter Vader photo

Successful version
In short, good enough in a field that is only growing and has a wide variety of brands and types. That is quite special, because usually after several years the number of brands decreases because the same rally cars are chosen because of their proven speed and reliability. And surprisingly, interest is also growing among the younger generation of riders, the average age of Historians is falling! Organizer and participant Wouter Koenderink later: After a long time, we were able to organize the Twente rally as usual. After some problems starting at the beginning of the day, we had a great day in Hengelo. Along with the invited guests we enjoyed snacks and drinks, beautiful weather and of course the rally cars. I can only say that it was another successful edition of the Twente rally!

4 Gert-Jan_Kobus_NLD _Martin_Nortier_NLD_Skoda_Fabia_R5 RC2 RX photo Peter Vader
Nr4 Gert-Jan Kobus and Martin Nortier with Skoda Fabia R5 RC2

To give an idea of ​​what will happen at the start of the Dutch Historic Rally, here is a graphic overview in order of the final results of the Rocar-Tech Twente Rally 2022:

Pos	Nr	Rijder	                Navigator	        Auto	

Maikel_van_Noort_Opel_Kadett RX photo Peter Vader

1e 107 M . Van Den Noort R . Van Den Noort Opel Kadett C Coup

Tom_van_Altena_NLD_Gino_van_Altena_NLD_volkswagen_golf_g60_2wd_HGT RX photo Peter Vader

2 122 T. Van Altena G. From Altena VW Golf G60

101_Marco_Geeratz_NLD_Zion_Geeratz_NLD_Lancia_Delta_IntegraleRX photo Peter Vader

3 101 AD. Geratz Z. Geeratz Lancia Delta HF Integral 16v

111_Rob_Kroot_NLD_Barry_Janssen_NLD_BMW_325i_HGT RX photo Peter Vader

4 of 111 R. Kroot B. Janssen BMW 325i

115_Jan_Nolles_NLD_Jasper_Nolles_NLD_Opel_Ascona_400_HGT RX photo Peter Vader

5 of 115 J. Nolles J. Nolles Opel Ascona 400

117_Marco_van_Hoof_NLD_Peter_Smets_NLD_Ford_Escort_RS2000 RX photo Peter Vader

6 of 117 M. Van Hoof P. Smets Ford Escort RS2000

118_Jan_Los_NLD_Manon_Los_NLD_Audi_Coupe_S2_HC2 RX photo Peter Vader

7 of 118 J. Los M . Separate Audi Coupe S2

128_Pieter_Peereboom_NLD_Aaldert_Aaltink_NLD_BMW_E30_HGT RX photo Peter Vader

8 of 128 P. Pearboom A. Aaltink BMW E30

125_Guido_Stokkermans_NLD_William_van_den_Dijssel_NLD_Ford_Escort_RS_HC3 RX photo Peter Vader

9 of 125 G. Stokermans W. Van Den Dijssel Ford Escort RS

130_Ton_Cornelissen_NLD_Jeroen_van_den_Broek_NLD_Triumph_TR8_HGT RX photo Peter Vader

10 of 130 T. Cornelissen J. Van Den Broek Victory TR8

124_Leon_Nuvelstijn_NLD_Rick_Timmerman_NLD_Audi_S2_HC2 RX photo Peter Vader

11 of 124 L. Nuvelstin R. Carpenter Audi S2

120_Maarten_Buitenhuis_NLD_Jeanette_Buitenhuis_NLD_Alfa_Romeo_Giulietta_HC3 RX photo Peter Vader

12 120 M. Buitenhuis J. Country house Alfa Romeo Giulietta

133_Stef_van_Dongen_NLD_Bennie_Kerkhof_NLD_Saab_99_EMS_HC3 RX photo Peter Vader

13 of 133 S. Van Dongen B. Saab Cemetery 99 EMS

110_Peter_en_Denis_Talbot_Lotus_ Kampioen_2022_historics RX photo Peter Vader

14 of 110 P. Mangnus D. Lotus of Mangnus Sunbeam

131_Luc_Lelifeld_NLD_Koen_Weijers_NLD_Rover_P6_2000TC_HC3 RX photo Peter Vader

15 of 131 L. Lelifeld K. Weijers Rover P6 2000TC

The final standings of the Historic Rally of the Netherlands 2022, drivers:

Final position_History_2022_drivers

The final standings of the Historic Rally of the Netherlands 2022, sailors:

Final position_Historics_2022_navigators

A few more interesting History entries:

116rxpv_Hank_Melse_NLD_Bart_den_Hartog_NLD_Porsche_911_Carrera_RS_HGT RX photo Peter Vader
Nr116 Hank Melse and Bart den Hartog with Porsche 911 Carrera RS HGT

96_Henk_van_de_Kamp_NLD_Stefan_Putman_NLD_Volkswagen_Golf_NC3RX photo Peter Vader
Nr96 Henk van de Kamp NLD Stefan Putman NLD Volkswagen Golf NC3

61 Ger_Roovers_NLD_Sander_van_Eekelen_NLD_Opel_Adam_R2_RC4 RX photo Peter Vader
Nr61 Ger Rovers NLD Sander van Eekelen NLD Opel Adam R2 RC4

106_Olaf_Pothoven_NLD_Marvin_Molenkamp_NLD_Ford_Escort_MK1_RS1600_HC3 RX photo Peter Vader
Nr106 Olaf Pothoven NLD Marvin Molenkamp NLD Ford Escort MK1 RS1600 HC3

126_Jesse_Buursma_NLD_Mark_Schuitert_NLD_Opel_Kadett_HGT RX photo Peter Vader
Nr126 Jesse Buursma NLD Mark Schuitert NLD Opel Kadett HGT

127_Sebastiaan_Masselink_NLD_Mark_Bent_NLD_BMW_320_E21_HC3_2 RX photo Peter Vader
Nr127 Sebastiaan Masselink NLD Mark Bent NLD BMW 320 E21 HC3

112rxpv_Bert_Valk_NLD_Maxine_Vloedgraven_NLD_Opel_Ascona_HGT RX photo Peter Vader
Nr112 Bert Valk NLD Maxine Vloedgraven NLD Opel Ascona HGT

Sit down, have a coffee and enjoy 35 minutes of Racing Lennart video of all the rally cars, especially the Historics, on the special stage 5 ‘Hoeve’ during the festival. Rocar-Tech Twente Rally 2022:

Logo of Rocar-Tech Twente Rally 2022

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