Spectacular Ferrari F40 sports on a yacht in Monaco

Spectacular Ferrari F40 sports on a yacht in Monaco

Altr caused a stir by showing off a Ferrari F40 on a yacht in Monaco. This is not the first time this model has appeared on air to advertise a product or event, another copy was shown in 2022 in Lyon.

The prestigious Monaco Grand Prix will take place this weekend, attracting motoring and luxury enthusiasts who come to attend this unique event in the heart of the Principality. With an exceptional density of supercars per square meter, it’s hard to stand out unless you own a very rare model or show off your creativity to grab everyone’s attention.

This is where Altr has cleverly pulled itself out of the game. To generate excitement about its product, it loaded a Ferrari F40 on a luxury yacht, sharing these exciting photos on social media. Within hours, these videos go viral, capturing the attention of luxury car enthusiasts.

A Ferrari F40, a Prancing Horse fan favorite, sits elegantly on the yacht’s deck, offering a spectacular view that rarely happens. This supercar belongs to the company Car & Car, which appears to have partnered with cryptocurrency specialist Altr, offering the possibility of acquiring luxury items, including cars, using digital currency.

“Altr represents the gateway to the world of luxury collectibles, offering collectors an easy solution to acquiring rare and fine pieces, in whole or in part, using USDt. Additionally, Altr allows collectors to digitize their existing collections and use them as collateral to get. cash, without selling it Digital proof of ownership, in the form of NFT, is issued and can be held, sold, used as collateral or exchanged for physical goods at any time.”we can read on the company’s website.

The spectacle is reminiscent of the iconic McLaren Senna, which was airlifted to the 57th floor of its wealthy Australian owner’s mansion, creating a true sensation within the exclusive car enthusiast community.