Spectacular Porsche crash in a supermarket parking lot in Unterhaching

Spectacular Porsche crash in a supermarket parking lot in Unterhaching

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Of: Patricia Kania

Not an everyday operation for the fire brigade: the Porsche landed on the roof of the Golf. The Unterhaching fire brigade had to free the passenger in a complex rescue operation. © Unterhaching fire brigade

The shocking accident happened on Friday evening in the Lidl parking lot on Biberger Straße in Unterhaching. According to preliminary police findings, the 88-year-old man mixed the gas and brakes of his Porsche SUV.

Disappear The car shot forward over the green strip that separates the parking lots from each other. The 88-year-old man from Unterhachinger drove over a lamp post, took off, smashed the bonnet of the VW Golf and landed on its roof. A Hyundai car parked next to it was also damaged. Witnesses called 911 immediately. The Unterhaching fire brigade was dispatched with 18 emergency services. The rescuers did not have to go far because the accident happened opposite the fire station.

A mysterious Porsche crash in a parking lot: the passenger must be released

On site, emergency services found that the 66-year-old passenger was trapped in the Porsche and was unable to get out of the car himself due to the damage. In order to free the woman safely and not endanger emergency services, the Porsche first had to be secured to prevent it from sliding, according to the fire department report.

The car was strengthened with a crane of the exchange car and with the help of a support system. Finally the crane got the Porsche back on its four wheels. The fire brigade ensured fire protection and removed vehicles from the battery. Emergency services also cleared the parking lot of nearby car parks and dumped work equipment.

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After the Porsche crash in the parking lot: extensive damage

Fortunately, according to the police, none of those involved were injured. The police estimate the total damage to be several tens of thousands of euros. Further investigations, particularly into the exact cause of the accident, are being carried out by the Munich accident team. Currently, among other things, the risk to road traffic is determined.

You can find more information from the district of Munich at Merkur.de/Landkreis München.