Speedway EM: ​​Opening Race at Rybnik in live stream / Speedway EM

Speedway EM: ​​Opening Race at Rybnik in live stream / Speedway EM

Where the European Speedway Race was decided a year ago, this season will begin: Fans from Germany can follow the Rybnik race, Poland, live on YouTube.

The first four of the last four European Speedway races will take place on July 2 in Rybnik, Poland. Along with Kai Huckenbeck, Germany offers a representative who will participate in the entire series. The North German failed to qualify for the Games in Challenge, but was invited to the European Championship by cardboard.

Huckenbeck is part of a highly coordinated field of drivers and participants from eight nations, where Oliver Berntzon and Rasmus Jensen also include new national champions from Denmark and Sweden. Daniel Bewley, who was involved in a fatal crash Friday evening, will miss the start of the European Speedway Race. he was captured by a gang in a safe area. The Englishman will be replaced by Dominik Kubera in Rybnik.

The European Championships give drivers the chance to win a place in the Grand Prix 2023 with four races. The position that current GP operators Patryk Dudek and Mikkel Michelsen will also be looking at.

Since there is currently no TV deal from the EM market for the German market, fans can Follow the race from Rybnik live starting at 7pm via YouTube channel.

Fifth European Speedway 1 Final in Rybnik / PL:

1. Piotr Pawlicki (PL)
2. Oliver Berntzon (S)
3. Bartosz Smektala (PL)
4. Vaclav Milik (CZ)
5. Kai Huckenbeck (D)
6. Adam Ellis (United Kingdom)
7. Leon Madsen (DK)
8. Dimitri Bergé (F)
9. Mikkel Michelsen (DK)
10.David Bellego (F)
11. Dominican Republic (PL)
12. Andzejs Lebedevs (LV)
13. Kacper Woryna (PL)
14. Janusz Kolodziej (PL)
15. Patryk Dudek (PL)
16. Rasmus Jensen (DK)
17. Marko Levishyn (UA)
18.Pawel Trzesniewski (PL)

Dates EM 2022:

2.7. – Final 1 – Rybnik (PL)
6.8. – Final 2 – Güstrow (D)
3.9. – Final 3 – Lodz (PL)
23.9. – Final 4 – Pardubice (CZ)