SRC Button on Car Radio: What is It for, How and When to Use It?

SRC Button on Car Radio: What is It for, How and When to Use It?

It is important to understand the purpose and usage of the SRC button on certain car radio front panels as it is a valuable function.

Many car owners do not take the time to read the owner’s manual for their vehicle, as well as separate manuals for specific equipment such as the radio or multimedia system. As a result, they are not aware of the important functions of their car and may discover them through trial and error. This can lead to frequent searches for information on specific features, such as the SRC button, which is a fundamental function of all car radios.

The SRC button, also known as Source or Media button, is used to change between audio sources. When pressed, it allows the user to select from various options such as FM, AM, or external connections like Aux, USB, Bluetooth, or Bluetooth Audio. On more advanced multimedia systems, the SRC button can also be used to access HDMI or AV channels and use the screen as a standard video display, which can be useful when activating a reversing camera or playing a film.

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The way the SRC or Source button functions varies depending on the make, model, and type of radio. In older and simpler systems, each press cycles through the available sources. In newer and more advanced systems, pressing the SRC button will bring up a list of sound sources, allowing the user to select the desired source directly.

If there are no additional audio sources connected to the car, pressing the SRC button may not have any effect. This can occur if the auxiliary cable is not plugged in, or if an incompatible device such as a more powerful speaker is being used and the radio is unable to handle it.