SsangYong in new hands.  Edison Motors, a bus manufacturer, is taking over the brand

SsangYong in new hands. Edison Motors, a bus manufacturer, is taking over the brand

SsangYong has had bad luck over the years. After the first bankruptcy, the brand found its way into the hands Mahindrathat is, the Indian car manufacturer – took place in 2010. Since then, that is for 11 years, the new owner has not been able to turn this brand into a direct line. Although the new models were very successful, there was no power.

Of course, this left the brand still struggling with financial problems. The Indians, for their part, decided that they did not want to drag out a problem that no one could handle. Hence the decision to sell, which was announced last year.

Now all the reports have been confirmed – the company is the new buyer of the SsangYong brand Edison Motorsie a South Korean bus manufacturer.

SsangYong in the hands of Edison Motors is sure to change

Edison Motors is not a “typical” producer of city buses and light trucks. The company only produces electric vehicles and specializes in the development of such technologies. The South Korean manufacturer wants to get the label “Tesla in the bus segment”, which is an ambitious-sounding slogan.

Now they also have a car brand that is just entering the electric world. The Korando e-Motion model is the first electric motor of this brand, which will be available in showrooms only in a few months.

This does not change the fact that SsangYong has been working on new models for a long time. They should bring unique styling and excellent drives. Everything indicates that Edison Motors can find synergy between the technologies used in buses and passenger cars.

It is also worth adding that the brand is “South Korean” again. Contrary to appearances, this is a very important aspect from a management perspective. The work culture and approach is quite unique there. Therefore, the lack of cultural differences will allow a better organization of activities.

SsangYong Edison Motors

Edison Motors bought SsangYong for ridiculous amounts of money

Mahindra’s contract is only for 255 million dollars, which is a very small amount. However, Edison Motors has to deal with all debts and revenues. The issue of further development of the company also arises in the mind of the new owner.

In the coming months, the prototype XUV models should start in the form of ready-made mock-ups. On their basis, new models will be created that will refer to the style of Jeep products.