SsangYong Korando 1.5 T-Gdi LPG – test, reviews, price, technical data

SsangYong Korando 1.5 T-Gdi LPG – test, reviews, price, technical data

SsangYong Korando has found a way to stop in the compact SUV segment – this combination of turbocharged engine and LPG system, automatic transmission and 4 × 4 drive, is not available to its rivals. Read our test of the SsangYong Korando in this configuration.

The 4th generation of SsangYong Korando appeared on the market in 2019. The engine range of this model includes the 1.5 T-Gdi petrol unit (163 HP) and the 1.6 e-Xdi turbodiesel (136 HP), and soon also the version of e-Motion with an electric motor (190 HP). In addition, the Polish importer has prepared a fourth version for customers – unlike the LPG installation, which was prepared by EuropeGAS and installed in an authorized service center of the Korean brand, without losing the factory warranty.

Some time ago in our editorial office we welcomed the SsangYong Korando in a very interesting form – in the Quartz version fully equipped with a gasoline and LPG engine, automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. During the weekly test, we were able to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of this Korean SUV, and above all – get an answer to the question of whether it is worth paying extra for gas installation.

SsangYong Korando - back

SsangYong Korando (2022) – body, dimensions

SsangYong Korando in the steps of the current version 445.0 centimeters height, 187.0 centimeters width and 162.0 centimeters height, and its wheel is 267.5 centimeters. Therefore, it can be considered that in terms of dimensions it is in the average class – the same size is eg Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage and Volkswagen Tiguan. Typical for Asian brands, the original design and low popularity of SsangYong in our country makes it passers-by are looking for this car on the road.

SsangYong Korando - side

SsangYong Korando (2022) – interior, trunk

The shape of the body box positively affects the width of the cabin, and the almost horizontal roofline makes up for it. there is plenty of headroom in both rows of seats. Front seats are available comfortablealthough they do not have lumbar support adjustments, and the angle of the backrest is set in steps. Even 3 adults can sit comfortably in the backit’s a pity that there are no additional holes for them.

The interior of the Korando is beautifully and thoughtfully finishedand the materials used are of good quality. However, not everyone will like glossy panels covered with piano black varnish – they get dusty quickly and are very easy to scratch. The cockpit itself is clearly laid out, thanks to which the operation of individual functions is not difficult. A simple multimedia system also does not cause problems, although its interface seems outdated, especially compared to what its competitors offer.

The trunk turns out to be a little disappointing – it is low and deep, and its sides are made of hard, scratch-resistant plastic. Its performance is also limited by the presence of a large toroidal gas tank, which is placed on the spare wheel properly. As a result, the double floor of the cargo room must be permanently placed in the upper position, but this has its advantages – when the back seat is folded down, a flat surface is created.

SsangYong Korando 1.5 T-Gdi LPG – engine, fuel consumption

Under the tried and tested Korando hood he works 1.5 liter gasoline enginewho reaches power 163 hp and torque of 280 Nm. This turbocharged engine works with a 6-speed automatic gearbox, and the car goes to all wheels. The Korean SUV in this configuration offers sufficient performance – it needs 0-100 km / h for acceleration. about 10 secondsand accelerates to a maximum 193 km / h. However, it comes with higher fuel consumption than rivals with similar parameters. Average fuel consumption declared by the manufacturer 8.3 l / 100 km it can only be found by driving slowly along local roads. In the city or on the highway, it is not difficult to exceed 10 or even 11 liters per hundred.

SsangYong Korando - engine
The four-cylinder, turbocharged 1.5 T-Gdi engine shows good dynamics, but uses quite a bit of fuel. The situation is preserved by the optional installation of LPG.

A recent offer saves the day continuous gas installationwhich was developed by the Polish company EuropeGAS especially for this engine. Because of direct gasoline injection, when converted to LPG, the power unit uses both fuels (of course with a different gas benefit), but still allows you to reduce operating costs. Let’s add that changing the type of oil does not cause any change in performance.

We found out about it during the 260 km route, which includes the city (approx. 10 km), local roads (approx. 110 km) and roads (approx. 140 km). In our test section, the average consumption of LPG was 9.5 l / 100 kmand petrol – 2.1 l / 100 kmwhich at current oil prices gives the total cost about 0.51 PLN for every kilometer traveled. If only unleaded, the consumption of oil will be about 9.4 l / 100 kmcause about PLN 0.74 for 1 km. This means that the purchase of gas installation will pay for itself after driving 26,000 km.

SsangYong Korando 1.5 T-GDi LPG AWD – driving experience, comfort

In SsangYong’s way, the Korando is nowhere to be seen – drives safely and obediently along the designated route, but does not involve the driver in any way. The driving characteristics of the automatic transmission also seem to be suitable for a quiet driving style, although it must be appreciated that in sports mode it does not keep the engine at high speed all the time and responds effectively to the commands given by the accelerator pedal. .

SsangYong Korando - front

The suspension copes well with uneven pickup and provides good ride comfortand thanks to the high tires, the driver is not afraid of potholes on the road or curbs. The optional 4×4 drive does not make the Korando off-roadbut it improves grip on wet pavement and provides more confidence on dirt or snowy roads.

SsangYong Korando - back

SsangYong Korando 1.5 T-Gdi Quartz – price, equipment

The price list of SsangYong Korando with 1.5 T-Gdi engine, manual gearbox and front wheel drive is opened by volume. PLN 89,990while the detailed version of Quartz costs initially PLN 106,990. In turn, along with dual-zone automatic climate control and many safety features, we receive, among others, 18-inch alloy wheels, parking sensors, a rear view camera, LED fog lights, windows tinted rear, heated seats and steering wheel, and a multimedia system with a 9-inch touchscreen (navigation, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay).

The car shown in the picture, however, is expensive PLN 141 690 – they increase the price above all Installation of LPG (PLN 5900), machine (PLN 8,000) i all wheel drive (PLN 9,000). This should also be added LED lights (PLN 3500), adaptive cruise control (PLN 2,500), digital instrument cluster with 10.25” display (PLN 3,000) and Cherry Varnish red (PLN 2800).

Below you will find the detailed price list of SsangYong Korando:

SsangYong Korando – version details and price list

SsangYong Korando 1.5 T-Gdi LPG – OVERVIEW

SsangYong Korando is a good car, but it lacks features that can give it an advantage over its rivals. However, if someone decides to use it, they will be happy. Especially in the pilot version and installation of LPG, which allows you to keep operating costs at a reasonable level.

SsangYong Korando - front

SsangYong Korando 1.5 T-Gdi LPG – pros and cons

+ original design
+ good quality
+ lots of space in both rows of seats
+ good performance
+ LPG installation
+ 5 year warranty
– high consumption of petrol (without LPG)
– common stem

SsangYong Korando 1.5 T-Gdi LPG – specifications, performance, fuel consumption

Gasoline + LPG engine (R4, 16V, 1497 cm³), maximum power 163 hp, maximum torque 280 Nm, maximum speed 193 km / h, combined fuel consumption 8.3 l / 100 km (WLTP)

SsangYong Korando 1.5 T-Gdi LPG – specifications, performance, fuel consumption, price
TECHNICAL DATA SsangYong Korando 1.5 T-Gdi LPG
Engine petrol + LPG
Cyl./v./c. The system R4 / 16/1497 cm³
Maximum power 163 KM / 5000-5500
Torque 280 Nm / 1500-4000
Drive / gearbox 4 × 4 / automatic, 6-speed
Height width height 4.45 / 1.87 / 1.62 m
The base of the wheels 2.68 m
Turn the circle 10.7 m
Reduce weight / load 1,525/605 kg
Cargo compartment capacity (min./max.) 551/1248 l
Fuel tank capacity 50/53 liters (Pb 95 / LPG)
Tires 235/55 R18
Maximum speed 193 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h no data
Average fuel consumption (combined cycle) 8.3 l / 100 km (Pb 95)
Version SsangYong Korando 1.5 T-Gdi Quartz
Price of base version (same engine) 89 990 PLN (Glass)
Price of tested version (without additional accessories) 106 990 PLN (Quartz)
Price of tested unit PLN 141 690 (Quartz)

SsangYong Korando 1.5 T-Gdi LPG – photo gallery