Ssangyong Musso Review |  CAR ENGINE AND SPORTS

Ssangyong Musso Review | CAR ENGINE AND SPORTS

This classic version of the ladder frame is equipped with a diesel engine and four-wheel drive with a reduction. Test.

In the United States, the 2022 sales charts are dominated by three 5.80-meter long pickups, which account for more than 1.6 million vehicles, which speaks of their enthusiastic potential. The Ssangyong Musso in the long version of the Grand is only 5.40 meters long, but it still tops most European parking lots. So it turns out, it has a voluminous strut grill and in the prospectus on 20 instead of 17 inch wheels it looks more like its American models.

Hans Dieter Seufert

The loading area is 161 cm deep, 157 cm wide and 57 cm high.

In everyday use, its dimensions are often not very pleasant, and the loading area (depth 161 cm, width 157 cm, height 57 cm) does not work as a trunk replacement: only third-party manufacturers provide a cover to protect against of water and cargo. robbery, and shopping bags fly restlessly. So in the backseat with it? A large Ikea bag will not fit there.

Comfort? Nothing!

Hans Dieter Seufert

Car interior. But he doesn’t drive like one.

You should really need the Ssangyong Musso, because the ladder frame pickup has little to do with the SUV as well as the loading area. With a payload of 961 kg and trailer loads of 750 kg and 3,500 kg (closed), the Musso, which has leaf springs at the back, drives hard. It takes higher cornering speeds, but the steering forces increase significantly, road damage passes through the steering wheel as vibrations, and even on well-maintained roads, straight-line stability has to be slightly corrected almost every time. Inside, Ssangyong aims for the passenger car segment, for example with a leather interior, air-conditioned seats and a sunroof – and all-round visibility is improved by a camera including a 360-degree view. However, you can hear the trim parts working. , and the wind noise is obtrusive from 130 km / h, but the four-cylinder diesel is not so loud.

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At 10.9 l/100 km, the 202 hp 2.2 E-XDI burns modest amounts of fuel for a pickup. With 441 Nm, the 2.3 tonne starts well, but it takes 10.9 seconds to reach 100 km/h – and 38 meters from 100 km/h is an acceptable breaking distance.

High road capability

Depending on the mode, the car works on a closed rear axle or on all wheels, and there is also a reduction mode. The six gears of the well-tuned automatic transmission can be changed via a small rocker switch on the mechanical selector lever.

The Musso Grand, which is suitable for all roads, supports the driver when towing a trailer with a specially designed ESP and has six airbags already. There is no Euro NCAP crash test certificate for the Ssangyong, but there is a five-year warranty.

Opinion poll

Yes, you have to start somewhere

No, most people’s nonsense

It can load 961 kg, pull 3.5 t and easily go off-road. Despite the powerful diesel and motor equipment, the commercial vehicle offers less comfort than a large SUV.

Technical specifications

SsangYong Musso Grand 2.2 E-XDI 4WD Sapphire
base price €48,290
external dimensions 5405x1950x1855mm
shift / engine 2157 cm³ / 4 cylinders
Performance 149 kW / 202 hp at 3800 rpm
high speed 172 km/h
0-100km/h 10.9s
use of the test 10.9L/100km

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