start of production of SUV!

start of production of SUV!

After the pickup version of the Hummer EV, it is the turn of the SUV to start production. GMC’s first 100% electric model pays tribute to the Hummer H2 and H3, which disappeared in 2010 when General Motors faced a serious financial crisis…

Everyone knows Hummer ! This 4X4 big then SUV sold by General Motors based on historical military humvee. It is sold under three generations and three names between 1992 and 2010 (series H1, H2 then H3), is an example of a story. To the American people and to General Motors! He was buried at the same time the brand disappeared in 2010, when GM was going through a serious financial crisis. A dark year, a time when General Motors put Pontiac and Saturn in the closet, and parted ways with Sweden’s SAAB. Although the Hummer has disappeared from dealerships, we continue to see them regularly on the road, or in the movies of course. But the new generationmore based on the times seen a few months ago: Hummer EV.

The Hummer goes electric

EV for electric car Without doubt! General Motors after deciding relaunching the legendary name of his pick-up/SUV, but leaving the internal combustion engine. The Hummer brand was also not revived, this model being distributed by GMC, a premium subsidiary of General Motors. It is GM’s third electric truck, and Chevrolet Silverado EV and GMC Sierra EV. Two types of body functions are provided: variant of taking (old type H2), and a The SUV variant (type H3). If the first has been on the market for several months already, the second was long overdue. Its production has just begun, at the GM plant in Hamtramck in Michigan, also known as “Factory Zero”. There new factory dedicated to group electric models!

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Extreme monster

The first copy from the chain bears the serial number 001, and will be the subject of an auction, with a starting bid set at $50,000. 90,000 orders have already been recorded for the Hummer EV, which 50 to 60% for the take-out version. So this new SUV is just as important to GMC, which taps into nostalgia with a model and name and philosophy very close to the old Hummers. The launch version, named “Version 1”, includes three electric motors in development 830 horsepower plus ! 0 to 100 km / h is hit in 3.5 seconds. His 212 kWh battery accepts fast charging up to 350 kW, thanks to a 800V architecture. Freedom, due to the weight of the machine (about 4 tons), will not exceed 450-500 km. Its batteries even weigh the same as a Honda Civic! A machine that, of course, will not be never sold in Europe