State Police Seek Driver Causing Fatal Crash In Albuquerque

State Police Seek Driver Causing Fatal Crash In Albuquerque

The New Mexico State Police are imploring the public’s assistance in identifying the driver responsible for a fatal crash that occurred in Albuquerque earlier this week.

On Monday, at approximately 5:20 PM, a sedan travelling eastbound on Interstate 40 collided with a semi-truck in the northbound lanes of the freeway. The impact was so forceful that the semi-truck overturned, and the driver of the sedan was ejected from the vehicle and killed instantly.

The New Mexico State Police have asked any witnesses of the crash to come forward with any information they have regarding the identity of the sedan’s driver.

“We are pleading to the public to assist us in our pursuit of justice for the victim of this terrible accident,” said Captain Anthony L. Sanchez, commanding officer of the New Mexico State Police’s Major Accident Investigations Unit.

The police are also seeking out any individuals who may have dash-cam footage of the crash.

“It is essential that we obtain as much information as possible pertaining to the sedan driver that caused this fatal crash,” said Sanchez. “Any audio, or video evidence that can be provided to us is of the utmost importance.”

The victim, whose identity has not yet been released, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The New Mexico State Police are urging anyone with information regarding the incident to come forward.

“We ask that the public contact us with any information they may have,” Sanchez said. “Any detail, no matter how small, could be of critical assistance in our investigation.”