Station 70 (episode 2): Peugeot 403, an important tactical tool

Station 70 (episode 2): Peugeot 403, an important tactical tool

For this second installment of Luc Le Gleuher’s technical meetings and stories, we invite you to discover an important car in the history of the Franche-Comtois manufacturer, the Peugeot 403 and its different versions.

Peugeot 403, stable and family friendly

For once, the boss of Station 70, RN13 Museum beat Peugeot…
Talking to us about the 403, Luc goes even faster than the lion brand as for the Retromobile 2023 show, the French carmaker will pay homage to the “Serie 4” Peugeots, from the 401 to the latest on its stand. recently 408. Between these two cars born in 1934 and 2022, there is a 403 which appeared in 1955 and which will live until 1966.
Essential, family and almost a bourgeois car, the Peugeot 403 will be produced in some 1,214,126 copies in eleven years of commercial life before giving way to the unique tower of Sochaux, the 404.
The model will be available with several bodies and engines including the popular 1.8 L Indenor 48 hp diesel version which will launch Peugeot into the diesel deep end for a good 65 years.
It is in the company of featured amateurs of model experts who are Christians and Jacques of ” Club for lovers of 203 and 403 » we invite you to review or discover this Peugeot that has no charms or offers.

To find the Sochaux sedan on video with its different bodies, it is here.

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